Forex Spreads & Commissions

FX Volume Price Plan

tiered pricing model

  • Spreads from as low as 0.2 pips plus commission
  • Designed for higher volume trading
  • Same spreads available on all price plans
  • Your commission rate applies to ALL pairs, including metals
  • Choose the Price Plan that suits you
FX 60 USD 60 per million traded
with Zero minimum monthly
FX 30 USD 30 per million traded
with USD 600 minimum monthly
FX 20 USD 20 per million traded
with USD 2,000 minimum monthly
FX All-Inclusive Price Plan

  • Designed for pricing simplicity
  • No volume-based commission
  • More consistency in spread
  • Less variability in spread across notional trade sizes
  • No minimum monthly commission fee

See all live and historic FX all-inclusive spreads


Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the relevant terms of our commission based pricing on our website and FAQ.

FX Spot Trading

Bid/Ask spreads on majors

Saxo Capital Markets provides an executable price that is based on Saxo’s own liquidity, in addition to liquidity available on a DMA basis in the broader market. 

Spreads vary depending on the currency pair and the desired trade amount.  

Trading on Bands

Different spreads are provided for different trade size bands. The spread is tightest in the smallest band. Trade amounts above the largest bands prices will be routed to manual intervention. However typically, only a very small proportion of orders placed with Saxo require manual intervention.

See a full overview of the spreads on all FX crosses on the links to the live and historic spreads in the first section on volume price plan and the section on all-inclusive price plan.

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