Stock Lending – Earn additional income from your portfolio

Stock Lending – Earn additional income from your portfolio

Activate stock lending and sit back while you watch your returns grow. It’s a flexible and simple way to earn more from your stocks and ETFs

Generate more revenue

If we borrow your stocks and lend them out to third parties, you can earn extra revenue on the loan and increase your returns.

Ownership of the stocks

You can still continue to earn dividends applicable to your stocks that are lent out but also you can sell your stocks at any time.

Easy and automatic

Once you activate stock lending, we will manage the process for you

Tooltip   The actual lending of stocks/ETFs depends on market demand. No lending or revenues are guaranteed by activating the service.

How much can you earn?

Stock lending can provide you with passive income throughout the loan period. The interest rate you receive will depend on which stocks are lent out and can change over time.

Stocks that are in high demand and are hard to borrow in the marketplace will naturally receive a higher fee when they are lent out.

Here, you can see examples of the interest rates our clients have been earning when lending out top in-demand stocks.

Top in-demand stocksStock Lending Interest rate
united-states   Beyond Meat Inc.10.10%
sweden   SAS AB34.10%
sweden   Steico SE4.00%
Sweden   ExpreS2ion Biotech Holding AB13.20%
Netherlands   Fisker Inc.8.50%

The listed returns are annualised rates paid to clients during the month of August 2023. The rates can not be used as a reliable indicator for future returns.

What is Stock Lending?

What is Stock Lending?

Stock Lending is a service through which you make your stocks and ETFs available for lending to other market participants. Sometimes, the market is hungry for certain stocks and if you own these, you can earn extra revenue by lending them out. The best part: your stocks are still yours – you’ll see them in your portfolio, you’ll still receive dividends, and you can sell your shares whenever you like. So, aside from the opportunity to enhance your returns, nothing changes for you.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Let’s say you own shares in ACME Corp – and that stock is currently in high demand, whereby market participants are paying interest 24% per year to borrow such shares.* If you’ve activated your account for Stock Lending, we can arrange to loan your shares out to these interested market participants. We’ll then split the interest received 50/50, meaning you earn extra revenue of 12% per year, on loaning out your ACME Corp shares. 

Any extra revenue generated from Stock Lending is deposited into your account at the end of each month, all visible on the Stock Lending dashboard in the platform. Although no lending or revenues are guaranteed by activating the service (since the actual lending of shares depends on market demand), we take care of the lending process for you, making it a true win-win.

*All securities and figures mentioned are hypothetical illustrations only.

More about Stock Lending

There are several reasons third parties may borrow stocks. For instance, they may want to hedge their existing positions, to short markets in which they don't own any shares, or to borrow assets to meet a demanding delivery deadline.
No, you can’t choose to only make certain stocks/ETFs available for lending. When you activate Stock Lending, all eligible stocks/ETFs in your account become available for lending.
While your stocks are lent out, you do not retain rights to vote or attend shareholders meetings (as applicable).

You can choose to activate Stock Lending when you sign up for an account with Saxo. If you are already a client, you can activate or deactivate Stock Lending in your Portfolio overview.

For more information, please refer to the Stock Lending Terms or visit our support centre.


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