Trade Views

Our trade views are based on analysis of the underlying asset’s chart structure as well as recent macro, cross-asset, political, geopolitical, or company-specific news flows related to the asset in question. They do not represent advice on the part of Saxo Bank but rather asset-specific views in which our strategists apply their expertise to a single financial asset rather than a broader class.

We provide views on forex pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY; equities like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook; commodities like gold, crude oil, and platinum; and other products across the spectrum of assets offered through the SaxoTrader platform.

Trade views feature potential entry levels, price targets, stop-loss, and time horizon information as well as technical analysis and risk assessment. They are intended to provide readers with a view into the decision-making processes and strategies employed by our team of financial experts.

A compiled overview of Trade Views provided on can be viewed here.

Trade views are specific calls on likely asset price movements by Saxo Bank strategists and selected affiliates. We provide information concerning potential moves across financial markets, from equities to forex, commodities, bonds, and options. 

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