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Keep more of your returns with industry-leading margin lending rates for stocks and ETFs.

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It's easy to just look at commissions when choosing a broker. But hidden fees can eat up your returns. At Saxo, you won’t pay a platform, custody or inactivity fee, and our leading margin lending rates keep your running costs low. See how we compare below:

See your total annual cost of buying 100 Tencent shares with margin lending and holding for one year.

  • Commissions & fees

    HKD 23.5

    Margin lending rate


    Total cost

    HKD 1,226

  • Commissions & fees

    HKD 0

    Margin lending rate


    Total cost

    HKD 1,810

  • Commissions & fees

    HKD 29.1

    Margin lending rate


    Total cost

    HKD 2,266

    Source: Comparable pricing available on websites of respective brokers as of 18 February 2022. Calculation made with Saxo entry-level prices (Saxo Classic) and margin lending account with 30% collateral and Saxo Offer Interest Rates at 36bps.

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    • What is margin lending?

    • A margin lending account enables you to put down cash or securities as collateral for a loan, which you can use to leverage your positions.

      By taking a margin loan, you can increase your buying power in stocks and ETFs, beyond the value of the cash and/or securities on your account. It’s an attractive option if you’re actively trading, or an investor expecting to generate long-term returns.

      The margin loan works as a ‘credit facility’, and the amount you can borrow depends on your financial situation and the collateral value of the assets on your account.

      Please view the factsheet for more details about margin lending.

    Industry-leading margin lending rates

    Saxo offers 3 tiers of margin lending rates as low as 1.99% on top of Saxo Offer Interest Rate*

    Saxo Offer Interest Rate* + 1.99%Saxo Offer Interest Rate* + 2.99% Saxo Offer Interest Rate* + 3.99%

    * You can find the Saxo Offer Interest Rate in General charges and fees. Please refer to our trading platform for the most updated rates. Specific to margin lending of Hong Kong shares, the advertised margin lending pricing is only for constituent shares listed on the Hang Seng Index (HSI). Margin Lending pricing on stocks outside of the HSI is set by negotiation.


    Ultra-competitive stock commissions

    We offer three levels of pricing depending on your account tier.

    0.005 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.0065 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.008 USD/share (Min. USD 3)
    Nasdaq (XETRA)
    0.005 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.0065 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.008 USD/share (Min. USD 3)
    0.08% (Min. HKD 18)0.06% (Min. HKD 18)0.05% (Min. HKD 18)

    Frequently asked questions

    For new to Saxo clients, you can tick the “I would like to enable Margin Lending on my account” question during the onboarding journey.

    If you already have an account with Saxo

    On SaxoTraderGo: You can request Margin Lending on your account via the trading platform. Simply go to ‘Contact Support’, then ‘Request margin lending on my account’.
    On SaxoInvestor: You can request Margin Lending on your account by clicking the “Request margin lending on my account” banner on the main Markets page on the platform.

    When a trade is funded by a loan you will be charged a margin lending interest on the loaned amount. 
    The loan interest is payable from the day that the share purchase is settled. Loan interest will continue until the settlement day for the share sale.

    The loan amount is calculated daily based on the net cash balance on each margin lending account (in different currencies) and charged on a monthly basis.

    You can find the Margin Lending Interest Costs under Trading Conditions > Trading rates for a given instrument. Furthermore, you will be able to find a breakdown of the charges to your account in the Margin Lending Interest Details report available within the platform.

    For the key risks of margin trading, please click here.

    Imagine you deposited USD 10,000 on your Margin Lending account and plan to buy 1,000 shares in the US listed Stock ABC, priced at USD 25/share.

    Stock ABC has a risk rating 1, with an initial collateral value of 63% and maintenance collateral value of 70% (haircut = 30%). This means you’ll need to put up 37% of the transaction value as collateral (cash or positions) to open the position. This will give you an effective leverage of up to 2.70x your capital at the time of opening.

    After the trade, your net cash balance will change from USD 10,000 to minus USD 15,000, since you have now borrowed USD 15,000 to finance the position value of USD 25,000.

    After the trade you will have utilised 86% of your account’s maintenance collateral value. That means you’ll have USD 750 left as unused initial collateral to open new positions worth up to USD 2,027 (assuming a risk rating 1 stock with 63% initial collateral value).

    Pre TradePost Trade
    Position details - Stock ABCPosition details - Stock ABC
    # shares-# shares1,000.00
    Share Price-Share Price (USD)25.00
    Market Value-Market Value (USD)25,000.00
    Risk Rating-Risk Rating1.00
    Initial Collateral Value (%)-Initial Collateral Value (%) 63%
    Maintenance Collateral Value (%)-Maintenance Collateral Value (%)70%
    Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)-Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)30%
    Pre Trade
    Position details - Stock ABC
    # shares-
    Share Price-
    Market Value-
    Risk Rating-
    Initial Collateral Value (%)-
    Maintenance Collateral Value (%)-
    Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)-
    Post Trade
    Position details - Stock ABC
    # shares1,000.00
    Share Price (USD)25.00
    Market Value (USD)25,000.00
    Risk Rating1.00
    Initial Collateral Value (%) 63%
    Maintenance Collateral Value (%)70%
    Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)30%

    Please note that the above example does not take transactional costs (commissions etc) and financing costs (interest) when holding the position overnight into account.

    For more FAQ, please click here.

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