Increase your exposure
to stocks and ETFs

Trade Hong Kong and US-listed stocks and ETFs with up to 3.3x leverage
with a margin lending account.

Increased buying power

Increase your exposure and potential profits, with up to 3.3x leverage on individual stocks and ETFs.

Simple loan facility

Use cash or securities on your account as collateral for a margin loan.

Industry-leading commissions

Pay just HKD 40 to trade HK stocks – the same rates you receive on our standard trading account.

Limited time offer

Open a margin lending account with Saxo and benefit from 30 days of commission free trading, VIP service, or other welcome gifts to choose from. See gift options here.
(See an overview of our margin lending rates further down on this page)
  • What is margin lending?

  • A margin lending account enables you to put down cash or securities as collateral for a loan, which you can use to leverage your positions.

    By taking a margin loan, you can increase your buying power in stocks and ETFs, beyond the value of the cash and/or securities on your account. It’s an attractive option if you’re actively trading, or an investor expecting to generate long-term returns.

    The margin loan works as a ‘credit facility’, and the amount you can borrow depends on your financial situation and the collateral value of the assets on your account.

    Please view the factsheet for more details about margin lending.

Trade with up to 3.3x leverage

Increase your buying power in stocks and ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and US exchanges.

You can trade with up to 3.3x leverage, depending on the stocks or ETFs you choose to trade. Each stock and ETF has a risk rating of 1 to 6, with a specific collateral value attached to each rating group. A rating 1 stock, for example, has a collateral value of 70%.

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Stock’s and ETF’s risk rating123456
Collateral value haircut (equivalent to margin requirement)30%30%30%30%50%100%
Collateral value 70% 70% 70% 70% 50% 0%
Implied leverage3.3x3.3x3.3x3.3x2.0xn.a

*The above table shows maintenance collateral rates.

  • Position in risk rating 1 stock

    LOAN 70%

    OWN FUNDS 30%
  • Please note that if you only hold cash on your margin lending account, there is no collateral value haircut. The collateral value is equal to the full cash amount.

    You can find the risk rating of each stock and ETF and its collateral value under ‘Trading Conditions’ on the platform.

Margin Lending Rates

Saxo offers 3 tiers of margin lending rates as low as 2.7% on top of HIBOR.

 VIP Platinum Classic
HKD1M HIBOR + 2.70%1M HIBOR + 4.00%1M HIBOR + 4.90%
USD1M LIBOR + 2.32%1M LIBOR + 3.20%1M LIBOR + 4.70%

* Rates are subject to the interbank interest rate adjustment, please refer to our trading platform for the most updated rates.


Ultra-competitive stock commissions

We offer three levels of pricing depending on your account tier.

0.007 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.0085 USD/share (Min. USD 7)0.01 USD/share (Min. USD 10)
Nasdaq (XETRA)
0.007 USD/share (Min. USD 3)0.0085 USD/share (Min. USD 7)0.01 USD/share (Min. USD 10)
0.08% (Min. HKD 40)0.08% (Min. HKD 40)0.08% (Min. HKD 40)

Trading on a margin lending account

Once you’ve created and funded your margin lending account, placing a trade is easy. Please note that you will receive multiple sub-accounts in different currencies.

  • Simple order placement

    In the trade ticket, simply select ‘margin lending’ account before placing your order. You can see the impact of the trade on your collateral utilisation at the bottom of the ticket.

  • Essential trade information

    Under ‘Trading Conditions’, you can find key information about the stock or ETF you want to trade, including its risk rating, collateral value and maximum collateral amount.

  • Detailed account overview

    In the ‘Account Details’ section, you can see information about your margin lending account, including your loan and collateral utilisation.

Frequently asked questions

If you already have an account with Saxo, you can request to add a Margin Lending account via the trading platform. Simply go to ‘Contact Support’, then ‘Request Margin Lending account’.

You’ll need to provide a bit of information regarding your financial situation for us to process your application. Once we have received your request, we will evaluate the information provided and create a Margin Lending account as a sub-account to your standard account.
Since the leverage on a margin lending account is financed via a loan, you will need to pay an interest charge when utilising the facility.

The interest rate you pay on the loan is comprised of two components: the benchmark rate (relevant one-month interbank rate) plus a fixed mark-up. The interest rate is dependent on the currency of the sub-account, ie the interest rate on HKD and USD accounts will be different.

Please note that the daily interest is calculated based on the net cash balance on each sub-account (in different currencies). You can see the associated trading costs for individual instruments under ‘Trading Conditions’ on the platform.

For the key risks of margin trading, please click here.

Imagine you deposited USD 10,000 on your Margin Lending account and plan to buy 1,000 shares in the US listed Stock ABC, priced at USD 25/share.

Stock ABC has a risk rating 1, with an initial collateral value of 63% and maintenance collateral value of 70% (haircut = 30%). This means you’ll need to put up 37% of the transaction value as collateral (cash or positions) to open the position. This will give you an effective leverage of up to 2.70x your capital at the time of opening.

After the trade, your net cash balance will change from USD 10,000 to minus USD 15,000, since you have now borrowed USD 15,000 to finance the position value of USD 25,000.

After the trade you will have utilised 86% of your account’s maintenance collateral value. That means you’ll have USD 750 left as unused initial collateral to open new positions worth up to USD 2,027 (assuming a risk rating 1 stock with 63% initial collateral value).

Pre TradePost Trade
Position details - Stock ABCPosition details - Stock ABC
# shares-# shares1,000.00
Share Price-Share Price (USD)25.00
Market Value-Market Value (USD)25,000.00
Risk Rating-Risk Rating1.00
Initial Collateral Value (%)-Initial Collateral Value (%) 63%
Maintenance Collateral Value (%)-Maintenance Collateral Value (%)70%
Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)-Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)30%
Pre Trade
Position details - Stock ABC
# shares-
Share Price-
Market Value-
Risk Rating-
Initial Collateral Value (%)-
Maintenance Collateral Value (%)-
Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)-
Post Trade
Position details - Stock ABC
# shares1,000.00
Share Price (USD)25.00
Market Value (USD)25,000.00
Risk Rating1.00
Initial Collateral Value (%) 63%
Maintenance Collateral Value (%)70%
Haircut (Maintenance Margin Req., %)30%

Please note that the above example does not take transactional costs (commissions etc) and financing costs (interest) when holding the position overnight into account.

For more FAQ, please click here.

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