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White label

White label trading platforms

Outsource your trading and investment technology to reduce overheads and develop new revenue streams

What we offer

  • Reduced dependency on legacy systems

    Decrease infrastructure and operational costs while handling multiple assets in a single tech stack from one outsourcing provider. 
  • White label solutions for FX, CFDs, options and cash products

    Outsource your trading needs and go to market fast with new services and white label trading platforms.
  • Global markets access

    Access 71,000+ instruments across cash and margin products. Get empowered to trade and invest across any macrocycle with access to stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, FX, CFDs, options, commodities, futures, and crypto FX. 
  • Client-centric innovation

    Focus on your core business and client service while you rely on us to provide the infrastructure needed to support a global trading and investment value chain.  
  • Scalable services platform

    Find solutions for introduced and non-introduced client models across self-directed, discretionary, and advisory mandates. 
  • Flexible partnerships

    Our white label solutions enable licensed financial institutions to serve their clients while retaining full client anonymity and control. 

Ready to discuss a white label partnership with Saxo?

Driving innovation with open
banking and modern platform
business models 

Offering new products and markets can be expensive in terms of infrastructure and operating spend. Our partners can reduce overheads by outsourcing their trading and investment needs to our scalable, capital-efficient open banking infrastructure. We support our partners on their growth path with services that cover the full value chain and support seamless integration across the whole capital markets infrastructure. 

Cater for any number of clients, in any market condition, instantly and securely with our fully cloud-hosted infrastructure. Scale in line with client needs by adding or removing products and services as and when needed.

Benefit from flexible
partnerships tailored to your
business needs

We enable licensed financial institutions to serve their clients while retaining full client anonymity and control.  

Our partners can focus on their core business, and we’ll help you get to market quickly with off-the-shelf solutions, or develop tailored packages for your needs. 

We support robo-advisors using their own front-end solutions to manage vast numbers of clients efficiently, via our automated managed account technology, execution and post-trade services.

Trusted by 200+ banks and brokers

Our white label partners represent a broad spectrum of financial intermediaries, banks, brokers and other fintech providers. All benefit from Saxo’s global expertise in technology, capital market access and trading and investment management capabilities gained from over 30 years’ of providing services to retail and institutional clients.  

Saxo is trusted by over 200 banks and brokers and over 400 financial intermediaries across the globe. Click below to learn more about our wealth and brokerage outsourcing solutions.

Wealth and brokerage outsourcing solutions

Why Saxo’s white label solution 

  • Increased scale and automation: Automated back-end processes free up partners to focus on investment performance and customer management and acquisition.

  • Low cost of ownership while keeping pace with technological innovations. Our partners experience lower ongoing capital and operating expenditure.

  • Reduced complexity: Lower reliance on multiple providers through outsourcing of the full front-to-back capital markets value chain infrastructure.

  • Control of own customers investment journey with fully integrated execution, reporting and monitoring tools.

  • Global capital markets access and multi-asset investment platform with multi-currency support in a single account. 
  • Client-centric innovation: Technology to expand or adjust your service offerings and build personalised trading and investment solutions facilitating a quick-to-market business strategy.

  • Technology-enabled market access: Get DMA to global markets, aggregation technology and liquidity optimisation services.

  • Best-practice compliance capabilities and regulatory compliance.

  • Competitive partnership model and flexible end-client commercial models. Reducing trading and holding costs allow our partners to retain higher profits.

  • Bespoke human service and first-class engagement model delivering a best-in-class partnership experience.

  • Fully branded and customised solution, accessible seamlessly across multiple devices.

  • Outsourced operations and asset servicing.

Execution services

Tier 1 liquidity sourced from 85 venues, multiple banks and ECNs. Own-flow execution integration through local memberships supported.

Access our suite of Algorithmic order types for different asset types and markets including Dark, Iceberg, Implementation Shortfall, Limit on Close, Liquidity Seeking, Market-on-Close, Peg, Pre-market Limit, TWAP, VWAP and With Volume. 

Pre trade checks and order vetting is handled by Saxo, as well as trades surveillance and compliance. 

A single trading environment for overall portfolio exposure management, real-time position keeping and account management, risk and margin monitoring and a trading-related activity log.  

Learn more about our wealth and brokerage outsourcing solutions

Integrated custody and back office services

Integrated custody and back-office services

Automated overnight settlement, including handling of all end-of-day processes and position reconciliation across tradable asset classes, by New York close (22:00 GMT).  

Booking of settlement amount to/from customer’s account on trade day to book/reserve funds for the actual security settlement. 

Open FX positions held overnight automatically rollover to a new value date on a tom-next basis, and credit/debit charges are applied to customers holding CFDs overnight. 

Automatic processing and booking of corporate actions on supported exchanges to customer accounts. Voluntary elections of corporate actions handled online via the trading platform. 

Generate additional reporting required by management and regulatory authorities based on end-of-day files summarising all customer activity during the trading day. 

Monitor customer trading accounts in real time via WebConnect, an advanced risk management and reporting tool. 

Support for cash, bank guarantees, bonds, stocks and credit and trading lines 

Post-trade M
Regulatory reporting services

Regulatory reporting services

We produce standard accounting EOD files with comprehensive data on all activities for the previous 24 trading hours.

  • Orders and trades
  • Cash balances and movements
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Positions and mark-to-market valuation
  • Corporate actions
  • Account management activities 

View details of your trading account – including overall value, P/L breakdown and consolidated fees schedule – in the platform, or as a PDF export.

Our solutions are designed to continually comply with MiFID requirements with partner end-customer trades included in our daily transaction reporting.

We report on relevant trades and positions between us and our partners (delegated reporting). We also offer third-party reporting on behalf of our partners and their underlying customers.

We maintain regulatory reporting packages across 170+ jurisdictions, saving our clients from similar undertakings. 

Account framework M

White label functionality and core offerings

  • Trading/monitoring/reporting portal 
  • Self-directed, advised & discretionary solution
  • Order capture  
  • Market data 
  • Charting 
  • News 
  • Price alerts 
  • Research and analytics (market overview, security data) 
  • Connectivity  
  • Broker/DMA connectivity 
  • Liquidity 
  • Transaction event notification 
  • Feed provider 
  • Real-time position and portfolio balances 
  • Risk management (margin calculation and collateral management) 
  • Order monitoring and routing management 
  • Trading (capture, matching, allocation, clearing, settlement) 
  • Multi-currency sub-accounts 
  • Block trading and allocation  
  • Automatic point-of-trade FX conversion 
  • Monitoring tool (back-office and customer lookup) 
  • Customer Configuration management  
  • User Access Management
  • Support case management  
  • Netting/reconciliation 
  • Corporate actions 
  • Stock transfers
  • Proxy voting 
  • Custody 
  • Commission, financing and interest calculations 
  • Portfolio accounting 
  • Business intelligence (reporting, statistics, audit) 
  • Relief at source (US) 
  • Trade surveillance  
  • End-of-Day files (raw data) 
  • Trading and position API  
  • Event notification service 
  • Corporate action API 
  • Federated single Sign-on
  • System development 
  • Change management & QA 
  • Hosting and housing 
  • Capacity 
  • Availability 
  • Scalability 
  • Maintenance 
  • Incident management 
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity 
  • IT compliance 
  • Lead generation tools – demo accounts 
  • Client education 
  • Marketing support 
  • Branded platforms
  • Client analytics 

Learn more about our wealth and brokerage outsourcing solutions

  • White label platforms

    Saxo’s range of platforms, financial products and services cater to clients with limited investing experience through to clients with professional trading experience, low to high risk tolerance levels, and short to long time horizons.

  • White label partners can select which platforms they want to offer to both their customers and internal staff as well as the flexibility of using Saxo's branded platform or their own interface.

    Our platforms offer a seamless, user-friendly trading and investing experience across desktop, mobile and tablet in most jurisdictions.

  • Patners Investor


    An intuitive and user- friendly platform tailored to the Investors, making it easy to build a diversified portfolio across global equities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and managed portfolios.  The Investor platform is built around inspirational themes and content that can assist the client in building a well-structured portfolio.

  • Patners TraderGO


    Saxo’s most used trading platform and is designed for both traders and investors who want access to market and portfolio details. It is delivered via web interface and covers Saxo's entire universe of tradable assets, allowing clients access to pre-trade data and information, advanced execution capabilities and post-trade management tools.
  • Patners TraderPRO


    Our professional-grade trading platform designed for self-directed traders. The software is downloadable, and customisable configuration allows traders flexibility in how they view information. The TraderPRO platform includes advanced trading features and innovative risk management tools.
  • Patners Portfolio


    Designed as an end-client view-only portal. End-clients have access to an overview of their portfolio, results and transactions and allows them to download reports.


Manage client accounts in real time

Use our client management services API to create live accounts, perform cash transactions on customer accounts and generate bespoke reporting.

  • Integrate fully into your own backend systems
  • Receive current account data for real-time reporting and analysis
  • Create and modify customer accounts and manage cash transaction.

Manage leads with lead registration services

Create and manage lead sign-ups for demo accounts and present a seamless face to potential customers through our lead registration API.

  • Process leads into your CRM systems efficiently
  • Provide demo account services for lead acquisition services
  • Create demo accounts