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Trading technology, execution and post-trade services

Solutions for introduced client models across self-directed, discretionary and advisory mandates

What we offer

  • Expanded asset class offering

    Scale up your capital markets access with simple setup and configuration solutions to offer your clients more equity exchanges, bond venues, mutual funds, global futures, global options, foreign exchange, and CFDs.
  • Integrated risk management

    Your clients benefit from one cross-collateralised account to manage risk and netting across multiple instruments with real-time position keeping and account management. 
  • Seamless post-trade asset services

    Cut heavy operational costs with our fully digitised post-trade asset services via our end-to-end custody platform and operations.
  • A single outsourcing solution

    Alleviate complexity and simplify order execution, settlement, and custody architecture with an all-inclusive solution: front ends, technology, brokerage, and custody across all asset classes.
  • Reduced legacy system dependence

    Outsource your trading needs to our scalable, capital-efficient open banking infrastructure to reduce cost and complexity and focus on client-centric innovation and service. 

Ready to discuss a introducing broker partnership with Saxo?

Global market access and post-trade
services for your clients 

We offer financial institutions trading, execution and reporting services for self-trading, advisory and
discretionary clients. Your end-clients are contracted with Saxo, and we take care of all processes from
KYC and on-boarding to risk management.

Benefit from flexible
partnerships tailored to your
business needs

Our Introducing Broker offering is our premium solution for partners with introduced end-clients, meaning the end-client is contracted with Saxo. We support our partners on their growth path and offer outsourced functionality across the full value chain with smooth integration across the entire capital markets infrastructure. 

Our partners gain access to leading multi-asset execution, combined with efficient post-trade processes—all from a single account. This includes an integrated back-office and regulatory support. 

Saxo’s success lies in the success of our partners. We share a common interest in supporting your business and assisting you in achieving your business potential. We strongly believe in the importance of your clients’ financial prosperity and have constructed a business model where our interests are aligned with yours, and your clients’. We take pride in our ability to cultivate and maintain long-term trusted partner relationships. 

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Trusted by 200+ banks and brokers

Our partners represent a broad spectrum of financial intermediaries, banks, brokers and other fintech providers. All benefit from Saxo’s global expertise in technology, capital market access and trading and investment management capabilities gained from over 30 years’ of providing services to retail and institutional clients.

Saxo is trusted by over 200 banks and brokers and over 400 financial intermediaries across the globe. Click below to learn more about our broker solutions.

Broker solutions


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Liquidity coverage ratio

Why Saxo’s Introducing broker solution 

  • Increased scale and automation: Automated back-end processes frees up partners to focus on investment performance and customer management and acquisition.

  • Low cost of ownership while keeping pace with technological innovations. You enjoy lower ongoing capital and operating expenditure.

  • Reduced complexity: Decrease your reliance on multiple providers and outsource the full front-to-back capital markets value chain infrastructure.

  • Control your end-clients’ investment journey with fully integrated execution, reporting and monitoring tools. 

  • Global capital markets access and multi-asset class investing with multi-currency support in a single account.
  • Client-centric innovation: Expand or adjust your service offerings and build personalised trading and investment solutions facilitating a quick-to-market business strategy.

  • Technology-enabled market access: Get DMA to global markets, aggregation technology and liquidity optimisation services.

  • Digital client experience from onboarding through to trading and post-trade processes.

  • Best-practice compliance capabilities and regulatory compliance.

  • Competitive pricing for end-clients and flexible partnership model. Reducing trading and holding costs allows our partners to retain higher profits. 

  • Bespoke human service and first-class engagement model delivering a best-in-class partnership experience 
  • Best-in-class execution and liquidity

    Our Tier 1 liquidity is sourced from 85 venues, multiple banks and ECNs and we support own-flow execution integration through local memberships. You can manage clients’ subscriptions to real-time data on select exchanges with market data services, including automatic booking of client-elected monthly subscription fees. 

  • Integrated risk management

    A single trading environment for overall portfolio exposure management, real-time position keeping and account management, risk and margin monitoring and a trading-related activity log. 

Front ends or APIs for self-directed clients 

Get to market quickly and reduce overhead to serve execution-only clients.
Offer your end-clients branded front ends. 
  • Patners Investor


    Cater to your retail investors with a user-friendly front end that makes it easy to diversify and build managed portfolios as well as self-trading portfolios across cash products

  • Patners TraderGO


    Provide your retail traders with a simple, multi-asset front end with some advanced trading tools

  • Patners TraderPRO


    Meet the needs of advanced traders with our professional-grade, customisable trading platform

  • Partners OpenAPI


    Create bespoke and fully integrated user experiences using our technology stack and OpenAPI

Integrated custody and back office services

Partner platforms and optional products

SaxoPartnerConnect is our new flagship partner platform designed to serve all types of partners who gain operational efficiency by using one system to connect all of their business functions.p>

Platform functionalities are provided to your employees according to user authorisation profiles and incorporates front, middle and back-office capabilities.  

We offer a fully digitalised end-to-end operational outsourcing service encompassing: 

  • Trade reconciliation and settlement 
  • Digital client journey for corporate action elections 
  • Mandatory and voluntary corporate actions processing 
  • Withholding tax handling 
  • Client proxy voting handling 
  • Overnight financing 
  • Stock lending inventory handling 
  • Collateral management 
  • Stocks transfer handling 

Introducing broker partners can select to co-brand all client-facing touch points, including trading platforms, and onboarding flows. End-clients will be presented with both brands throughout the journey. The partner can customise URL, logo and the contact details. By using Saxo’s templates, the partner ensures that all necessary documents are collected from end-clients in a clean, uniform manner. 

Regulatory reporting services

Reporting services

We produce standard accounting EOD files with comprehensive data on all activities for the previous 24 trading hours.

  • Orders and trades
  • Cash balances and movements
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Positions and mark-to-market valuation
  • Corporate actions
  • Account management activities 

All end-clients of the introducing broker will be included in Saxo’s daily transaction reporting. This will save costs for the partner as Saxo is already providing reports in accordance with regulatory standards across all asset classes, taking care of any process risks and the daily costs of maintenance. 

Satisfy ever-evolving regulatory reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions. 

  • Consolidated reports and end-client statements 
  • Yearly statement 
  • Cost overview 
  • MIFID II transactional reporting / EMIR reporting 
  • Integration of your custodian and settlement services 

Individual end-client reports are available at any time within the trading platforms. These reports are designed to provide them with the information they require for accounting and tax purposes. Reports can be easily generated for predefined or custom date ranges and delivered in either Excel or PDF formats. 

Introducing broker functionality and core offerings 

  • Trading/monitoring/reporting portal 
  • Order capture  
  • Market data 
  • Charting 
  • News 
  • Price alerts 
  • Research and analytics (market overview, security data) 
  • Connectivity  
  • Broker/DMA connectivity 
  • Liquidity 
  • Transaction event notification 
  • Feed provider 
  • Real-time position and portfolio balances 
  • Risk management (margin calculation and collateral management) 
  • Order monitoring and routing management 
  • Trading (capture, matching, allocation, clearing, settlement) 
  • Multi-currency sub-accounts 
  • Block trading and allocation  
  • Automatic point-of-trade FX conversion 
  • Monitoring tool (back-office and customer lookup) 
  • Customer Configuration management  
  • Support case management  
  • Netting/reconciliation 
  • Corporate actions 
  • Stock transfers
  • Proxy voting 
  • Custody 
  • Commission, financing and interest calculations 
  • Portfolio accounting 
  • Business intelligence (reporting, statistics, audit) 
  • Relief at source (US) 
  • Trade surveillance  
  • End-of-Day files (raw data) 
  • Trading and position API  
  • Event notification service 
  • Corporate action API
  • System development 
  • Change management & QA 
  • Hosting and housing 
  • Capacity 
  • Availability 
  • Scalability 
  • Maintenance 
  • Incident management 
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity 
  • IT compliance 
  • Lead generation tools – demo accounts 
  • Client education 
  • Marketing support 
  • Co-branded platforms 
  • Client analytics 
Account framework D

Account framework 

Account framework 

Saxo provides flexible account structures and types for client management.  

International securities are held under a nominee custody arrangement and all accounts are pre-funded and enjoy the benefit of contractual settlement.

Account framework M