We cover the full trading and investment journey

We support our partners on their growth path with services that cover the full value chain and support seamless integration across the whole capital markets infrastructure.

01 Client experience facilitation

Client centric innovation Meet the needs of any client – self-directed, discretionary or advised. Brand Saxo’s proprietary trading and investment front-ends or build your own bespoke apps via OpenAPI.

  • Platforms or APIs for self-directed clients
  • Managed portfolio solutions for advisory and discretionary clients

02 Execution and trading services

Multi-asset execution and custody Enable clients to trade stocks, bonds, CFDs, FX, futures and options from a single margin account, with real-time position monitoring.

  • 65,000+ instruments from one account
  • Best-in-class execution and liquidity
  • Integrated risk management

03 Post-trade services

Streamlined back-office and regulatory reporting services We handle daily back-office processing and ensure regulatory compliance across 170+ jurisdictions.

  • Integrated custody and back-office services
  • Regulatory reporting services

04 Tech foundation

Scalable services platform Scale your business efficiently and securely with a cloud based operating model. Explore APIs and services for seamless integration into your systems and efficient client management tools.

  • Connectivity and APIs
  • Client management services (CMS)
  • Cloud-hosting and IT services
  • Business management and intelligence

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01. Client experience facilitation

Client-centric innovation

  • Platforms or APIs for self-directed clients
  • Managed portfolio solutions for advisory and discretionary clients

Platforms or APIs for self-directed clients

  • Professional-grade trading on SaxoTraderPRO

    Professional-grade trading on SaxoTraderPRO

    An easy-to-use, downloadable platform for advanced traders and institutional clients:

    • Fully customisable across Windows and Mac
    • Advanced trading features
    • Innovative risk management tools
  • Web, mobile and tablet trading via SaxoTraderGO

    A simple multi-asset platform for retail traders:

    • Seamless user experience across devices
    • Easy portfolio management from a single account
    • Integrated pre-to post-trading services
  • Intuitive investment on SaxoInvestor

    A user-friendly cash-product platform tailored to retail investors:

    • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds driven by MorningStar data
    • Simple product screening and portfolio management
    • Multi-device customisable platform
  • FIX API trading and connectivity

    Tailored multi-asset liquidity via a single API for institutional traders

    • Multi-asset liquidity and full back-office functionality
    • API connectivity with major technology, bridge and platform providers
    • Presence in major financial data centres

    Managed portfolio solutions for advisory and discretionary clients

    Block trading on multiple managed accounts

    Automated allocation service enabling one-click block trading on behalf of multiple customers, with trades and orders instantly reflected on customer accounts:

    • Real-time margin pre-checks
    • Save multiple allocation keys to support several trading strategies

    Professional portfolio management

    Our fully integrated portfolio management and reporting solution, Saxo Portfolio Manager offers:

    • Integrated portfolio management
    • Compliance and risk management
    • Professional client portfolio reporting
    Automated Managed portfolios M

    Automated managed portfolios

    Our cost-effective SelectTech investment infrastructure delivers agile and flexible robo-advisory experiences to service digitally savvy investors:

    • Automated digital investment management with bespoke or off-the-shelf portfolios
    • Pre-packaged or tailor-made experiences via OpenAPI
    • Increased operational efficiency from separately managed account structures with real-time automation

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    02. Execution and trading services

    Multi-asset execution and custody

    • Multi-asset trading and custody
    • Best-in-class execution and liquidity
    • Integrated risk management

    65,000+ instruments from one account

    Access 65,000+ instruments across multiple asset classes, with execution, financing and real-time risk management from a single clearing and custody account.


    190+ FX spot pairs and 130+ forward outrights.


    9,000+ CFDs across stocks, indices, FX, commodities and bonds.


    22,000+ stocks on 50+ exchanges globally.


    7,300+ ETFs and ETCs, plus ETNs on cryptocurrencies.

    FX options

    Puts and calls on 40+ FX vanilla options, plus six FX touch options.

    Listed options

    3,100+ equity, index and futures options on metals, energy and rates.


    300+ futures across 28 global exchanges and multiple asset classes.


    4,800+ bonds online from 26 countries and 21 currencies.

    Mutual funds

    12,500+ instruments from 300+ issuers

    Best in class execution and liquidity
    Quality execution and liquidity

    Best-in-class execution and liquidity

    Best-in-class execution and liquidity

    Our Tier 1 liquidity is sourced from 85 venues, multiple banks and ECNs.

    We support own-flow execution integration through local memberships.

    Manage client’s subscriptions to real-time data on select exchanges with market data services, including automatic booking of client-elect monthly subscription fees.

    Integrated risk management

    Integrated risk management

    A single trading environment for client overall portfolio exposure management, real-time position keeping and account management, risk and margin monitoring and a trading-related activity log. Access via WebConnect, an online back-office platform.

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    03. Post-trade services

    Streamlined back-office and regulatory reporting services

    • Integrated custody and back-office services
    • Regulatory reporting services
    Integrated custody and back-office services
    Integrated custody and back-office services
    • Reconciliation, settlement and custody

      Automated overnight settlement, including handling of all end-of-day processes and position reconciliation across tradable asset classes, by New York close (22:00 GMT).

      Booking of settlement amount to/from customer’s account on trade day to book/reserve funds for the actual security settlement.

      Automatic overnight financing

      Open FX positions held overnight automatically rollover to a new value date on a tom-next basis, and credit/debit charges are applied to customers holding CFDs overnight.

      Corporate actions processing and stock transfers

      Automatic processing and booking of corporate actions on supported exchanges to customer accounts. Voluntary elections of corporate actions handled online via the trading platform.

    • End-of-day and real-time reporting across front-, middle- and back-office

      Generate additional reporting required by management and regulatory authorities based on end-of-day files summarising all customer activity during the trading day.

      Monitor customer trading accounts in real time via WebConnect, an advanced risk management and reporting tool.

      Collateral management and reporting

      Support for cash, bank guarantees, bonds, stocks and credit and trading lines.

    Regulatory reporting services
    Regulatory reporting services
    • Consolidated reports and end-customer statements

      View details of your trading account – including overall value, P/L breakdown and consolidated fees schedule –in the platform, or as a PDF export.

      MIFID II transactional reporting

      Our solutions are designed to continually comply with MiFID requirements, with partner end-customer trades included in our daily transaction reporting.

      EMIR reporting

      We report on relevant trades and positions between us and our partners (delegated reporting). We also offer third-party reporting, on behalf of our partners and their underlying customers.

    • Compliance reporting across 170+ jurisdictions

      We maintain regulatory reporting packages across 170+ jurisdictions, saving our clients from similar undertakings.

      Integration of own settlement services and custodian

      We can tailor our solution with integration to a local Saxo-supported custodian for bespoke custody services like individual client custody accounts.

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    04. Tech foundation

    Scalable services platform

    • Connectivity and APIs
    • Client management services (CMS)
    • Cloud-hosting and IT services
    • Business management and intelligence

    Connectivity and APIs

    Federated single sign-on for client authentication

    Use federated single sign-on (FSSO) to insource the process of authenticating your end-customers. FSSO seamlessly integrates your UI with Saxo’s applications as end-clients only need to log in once using existing company-provided credentials.

    End-of-day file transfers for reporting and business intelligence

    Get daily flat/text end-of-day trading and account activity files and, when required by management or regulatory authorities, generate additional comprehensive customer activity data.

    • Meet reporting and business intelligence requirements
    • Import into your own management reporting system or CRM suite

    OpenAPI services to build bespoke user experiences

    Access our entire capital markets infrastructure and create bespoke, new user experiences. Our OpenAPI enables integration with our trading infrastructure, and supports instrument and client portfolio data, charts, quotes, order placement, lead sign-up and event notifications. We offer a complete set of capabilities across the full trading and investment value chain.

    Empower proprietary UI/UX

    Build unique user experiences or embed new products and services into your existing UI and infrastructure.

    Simplify secure development

    Integrate easily through our REST OpenAPI, which uses SAML and OAuth to ensure a secure, simple development.

    Enhance agility

    Rapidly integrate apps and third-party tools via OpenAPI to enable organisational transformation.

    FIX API to receive tailored multi-asset liquidity with back-office services

    Gain market access through a stable, fast, flexible and fully documented electronic infrastructure. With over 20 years’ experience in creating liquidity pools and executions capabilities, we construct competitive solutions best suited to our client’s flow.

    Multi-asset liquidity and full back-office functionality
    One cross-collateralised account to manage risk and netting across multiple instruments with real-time position keeping and account management. View Saxo’s FX stop order slippage history or explore our historic API spreads.

    Connectivity to major technology, bridge and platform providers
    Our operational setup ensures swift API implementation. We offer FX prime brokerage and liquidity services via FIX API and multiple technology providers.

    Presence in major financial data centres
    For lower latency and better execution on orders, our clients receive locally formed and sourced liquidity in London, Tokyo and New York.

    Real-time trade notifications for position keeping and client notifications

    Receive real-time data on client trades, orders, margin and funding activities. We offer live streaming data for position keeping and integration to middle- and back-office systems.

    Service your clients

    Provide real-time client communications via email, SMS and push notifications inside your own apps.

    Get real-time notifications

    Update your risk and order management systems with real-time client trade data, order notifications, margin calls and risk alerts.

    Select your delivery method

    Choose how you receive your files: by email, file transfer, FIX, REST or SWIFT.

    Client management services

    Client experience facilitation
    Client experience facilitation

    Get flexibility and efficiency with multiple account structures

    Create your own hierarchy of accounts with parent and multiple child accounts. As a partner, your omnibus account is your principal account with Saxo aggregating multiple sub accounts. Use the structure to facilitate funding, interests, commissions and trading, and risk management across multiple underlying customer accounts.

    Services for white label models with undisclosed end-clients

    Set up and manage key client account and commission configurations, and cash management activities all in real-time.

    All functionalities can be performed via a dedicated employee interface (where human intervention is required) or API for complete integration and automation with your existing systems.

    Services for introducing broker models with disclosed end-clients

    Client management and onboarding services are provided via automated case handling or via our Client management OpenAPI for automated upload of complete prospective client details.

    The service includes support for multiple account structures to facilitate self-directed, advisory and discretionary client set ups.

    Cloud-hosting and IT services

    Fully hosted private cloud infrastructure

    Saxo hosts the platforms in a server environment, fully equipped with backup capacity and contingency planning that is regularly reviewed and updated. Two independent data centres (both located in Denmark) are entirely synchronised for resilience or back-up reasons providing real-time redundancy for critical systems in two locations.

    Annual ISAE 3402 type II and ISAE 3000 reports available.

    Cybersecurity and risk management programs

    Cybersecurity threats are considered within the IT risk management procedure and periodically reviewed and updated.

    The information security risk committee, chaired by the chief risk officer, reviews IT security initiatives in response to security analysis and business requirements, and provides security recommendations to the management risk committee.

    IT recovery procedures and real-time redundancy set

    Our physical disaster recovery site is in Copenhagen, Denmark and can accommodate approximately forty personnel who hold critical functions.

    Incident management

    Incident management and notification processes subject to both internal and external audits. Business and IT continuity plans in place in case of a declared emergency or disaster, and tested on a continuous basis.

    Full scalability and security with Microsoft Cloud

    Starting in 2018, we began to move our hosting to Microsoft Azure.

    The move enables our clients to benefit from increased levels of automation, seamless geographic, horizontal and vertical scalability and access to next generation off-the-shelf technologies.

    We actively engage with regulators across multiple markets to ensure our migration to the Microsoft Cloud enables scalability for our clients in a compliant manner within an environment of increasing regulatory requirements.

    Business management and intelligence

    Manage your daily interactions with leads and customers

    Use SaxoTools, an advanced administration web interface, to view and edit your business setup independently of Saxo. Manage trading conditions, lead sign-up, accounts, users, cash and securities transfers, and other functions in SaxoTools.

    Real-time back-office platform

    Use WebConnect to perform risk management, monitor exposures, positions and orders on individual customer accounts including trading, connection activity and dealer chat.

    WebConnect is an advanced risk-management and reporting tool that facilitates the continuous, real-time monitoring and management of customer trading accounts.

    Performance dashboards to analyse clients’ behaviour

    PowerBI dashboards tailored to deliver analysis on end-customer performance and KPIs around your online offering. Provides management and commercial with better customer insights to help you enhance your sales processes.

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