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Connectivity and APIs

Explore ways to connect to and integrate with our
capital market infrastructure.


Build bespoke, fully
integrated user experiences.


Receive tailored multi-asset
liquidity via a single API.

Real-time trade notifications

Get live trade, order
notification and margin call data.

Client management services

Set up and manage client accounts and cash transactions in real time.

End-of-day files

Integrate daily trading and account activity exports into your systems.

Lead registration services

Create and manage lead sign-ups for demo accounts.

Build bespoke apps via OpenAPI

Access our entire capital markets infrastructure, including instrument and client portfolio data, charts, quotes, order placement, lead sign-up and event notifications.

Empowering proprietary UI/UX

Build unique user experiences or embed new products, services and functionality into your existing UI and infrastructure.

Simplify secure development

Integrate easily through our REST OpenAPI, which uses SAML and OAuth to ensure a secure, simple development.

Enhance agility

Rapidly integrate apps and third-party tools via OpenAPI to enable organisational transformation.

Receive tailored
multi-asset liquidity via FIX API

Gain market access through a stable, fast, flexible and fully documented electronic infrastructure. With over 20 years’ experience in creating liquidity pools and execution capabilities, we construct competitive solutions best suited to our client’s flow.

Multi-asset liquidity and full back-office functionality
One cross-collateralised account to manage risk and netting across multiple instruments with real-time position keeping and account management. View Saxo’s FX stop order slippage history or explore our historic API spreads.

Connectivity to major technology, bridge and platform providers
Our operational setup ensures swift API implementation. We offer FX prime brokerage and liquidity services via FIX API and multiple technology providers.

Presence in major financial data centres
For lower latency and better execution on orders, our clients receive locally formed and sourced liquidity in London, Tokyo and New York.

Get real-time trade notifications for position keeping and client notifications

Receive real-time data on client trades, orders, margin and funding activities. Live-stream data for position keeping and integration with middle- and back-office systems.

Service your clients

Provide real-time client communications via email, SMS and platform notifications.

Get real-time notifications

Update your risk and order management systems with real-time client trade data, order notifications, margin calls and risk alerts.

Select your delivery method

Choose how you receive your files: by email, file transfer, FIX or SWIFT.

Manage client accounts in real time
Manage client accounts in real time

Manage client accounts in real time

Manage client accounts in real time

Use our client management services API to create live accounts, perform cash transactions on customer accounts and generate bespoke reporting.

Integrate fully into your own backend systems

Create and modify customer accounts and manage cash transactions

Receive current account data for real-time reporting and analysis

APIs reportiing business
APIs reportiing business

Receive end-of-day files for reporting and business intelligence

Receive end-of-day files for reporting and business intelligence

Get daily flat/text end-of-day trading and account activity files and, when required by management or regulatory authorities, generate additional comprehensive customer activity data.

Meet reporting and business intelligence requirements

Import into your own management reporting system or CRM suite


Manage leads with lead registration services

Manage leads with lead registration services

Create and manage lead sign-ups for demo accounts and present a seamless face to potential customers through our lead registration API.

Create demo accounts

Process leads into your CRM systems efficiently

Provide demo account services for lead acquisition services

Client stories

  • DIF Broker


    DIF Broker was looking for a way to offer more products, expand its market and reach new clients by moving to a new, technology-first business model.

  • card-Stashaway


    Through Saxo, StashAway can access multi-asset execution, custody and back-office services via Open API. StashAway can trade and manage a vast number of clients efficiently using Saxo’s automated managed account technology.

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    Develop your business plan and key metrics with our experts.

    Implement technology

    We’ll help you configure, implement and test your solution.


    Receive ongoing expert support from your commercial launch onward.

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