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Outsource your trading and investment technology to
reduce overheads and develop new revenue streams.

Reduced operating spend

Outsource your trading and investment needs to our scalable, capital-efficient open banking infrastructure.

Regulatory compliance

Cut development times and benefit from technology that automatically complies with regulatory needs.

Scalable services platform

Scale your business and offerings efficiently and securely with our cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Client-centric innovation

Expand or adjust your service offerings and build personalised trading and investment solutions.

Implement a modern platform business model

Benefit from high UI/UX and low partner-infrastructure spend.


Reduce legacy system dependence

Alleviate complexity

Decrease your reliance on legacy systems and drive innovation through collaboration and APIs.

Cut overheads

Lower ongoing capital expenses and keep pace with technological innovations.

Integrate with core banking systems

Use APIs to integrate seamlessly into your own systems and simplify collaboration with fintechs.

Client-centric innovation

Focus on client service and creating unique experiences by outsourcing the full front-to-back capital markets value chain infrastructure.

Tailored solutions

Serve self-directed, advisory and discretionary clients with dedicated solutions.

Brand our frontends

Provide branded front-ends to retail traders and investors and professional clients.

Build apps via OpenAPI

Create unique, fully integrated experiences and access third-party innovation via APIs.

Drive service personalisation

Capture and aggregate data across client touch points and improve client responsiveness.

Scalable services

Scalable services

Cloud-based technology

Cater for any number of clients, in any market condition, instantly and securely with our fully cloud-hosted infrastructure.

Scalable product offering

Meet the needs of any client – self-directed, discretionary or advised – with our broad product range. Scale in line with client needs by adding or removing products and services as and when needed.

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Banking solutions

  • Partner Whitelabel

    White label

    Outsource your multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure.

  • Partner introducing brokers

    Introducing brokers

    Provide trading technology, execution and post-trade services to disclosed end-clients.

  • Partner prime brokage

    FX and precious metal prime brokerage

    Access consolidated credit, clearing and liquidity.

  • Partner institutional trading

    Multi-asset PB and execution

    Receive multi-asset execution and integrated custody, clearing and post-trade services.

  • Platforms

    Access multi-asset trading and custody through our proprietary platforms.

  • Partner connectivity api

    Connectivity and APIs

    Connect to our capital markets infrastructure and create bespoke, integrated experiences via APIs.

  • Partner portfolio management

    Portfolio management

    Implement an advanced portfolio management and reporting solution.

  • automated portfolio management

    Automated managed portfolios

    Deliver cost-effective, flexible robo-advisory investment experiences.

    Lady Window
    Lady Window

    Expert support from institutional professionals

    Expert support from institutional professionals

    With more than 100 institutional specialists operating from offices in key financial centers, including Denmark, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Dubai, we can deliver the right solution for your business.

    Relationship managers
    Your personal point of contact for strategic partnership building.

    Prime services
    Daily account management and operational support.

    24/7 IT maintenance
    Constant monitoring of IT systems for continuity management.

    What our clients say

    By partnering with Saxo, our clients can deliver seamlessly integrated, outsourced digital trading and investment experiences through customised solutions, and focus on their core business.

    • Banca Generale
      “We are happy to join one of the best companies in the world operating in digital trading services...”

      Gian Maria Mossa

      CEO and general manager, Banca Generali

    • Banco Carragossa
      “…Saxo’s personalised touch, extensive range of asset classes, scalable technology and people were the differentiating factors for us.”

      Pedro Duarte

      CEO, Banco Carragossa

      Client stories

      • QNB Logo

        QNB FInansinvest

        QNB Finansinvest wanted to find a reliable liquidity provider with APIs to integrate into own systems, allowing them to offer their clients a fully integrated experience and access to fixed income products. 

      • Standard Bank

        Standard Bank

        South Africa’s largest bank and leading stock broker, Standard Bank had an existing domestic investment platform, but wanted a solution that opened its offering to global markets.

      • Banca Generali

        Banca Generali wanted to offer best of breed online trading and digital services to Italian clients looking to trade and invest autonomously, as well as to existing private clients through financial advisors.

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        Partner with Saxo

        Design your solution

        Develop your business plan and key metrics with our experts.

        Implement technology

        We’ll help you configure, implement and test your solution.


        Receive ongoing expert support from your commercial launch onward.

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