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QNB Finansinvest

By collaborating with Saxo, Turkey's leading investment bank, QNB Finansinvest, expanded its product offering and increased its revenue.

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Company size

200+ employees


Istanbul , Turkey

New collaboration opportunities by offering new products

QNB Finansinvest, a leading bank-owned brokerage investment firm in Turkey, offers bonds and equities trading across domestic and international markets.

QNB Finansinvest wanted to offer their clients access to fixed income products such as eurobonds, sukuks, and US T-bills. QNB Finansinvest began looking for a reliable liquidity provider with APIs to integrate into own systems, allowing QNB to offer their clients a fully integrated experience. By scaling in line with client needs, QNB could expand their market share and grow revenues.

Challenge: To find a provider offering a wide range of products and a cost-effective solution 

QNB Finansinvest needed a partner to provide a plug-and-play solution with access to a diverse product offering in a timely manner, allowing them to get quickly to market and efficiently leverage the market opportunities.

Solution: Expanding the partner relationship with a leading outsourcing provider

QNB Finansinvest already had an established, more than decade long relationship with Saxo, therefore QNB Finansinvest did not hesitate to leverage the strengths of the relationship to expand the collaboration and offer their clients new products via Saxo’s infrastructure. 

QNB Finansinvest not only uses Saxo’s liquidity pool to offer fixed income products, but also makes use of Saxo’s leading OpenAPI solution which has been fully integrated and customised to QNB Finansinvest’s own trading application.

The collaboration with Saxo ensures that QNB Finansinvest reaches its goals of being a leading investment bank meeting client expectations for domestic and international bonds and equities trading via their own trading front-end. 

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Results: Increased foreign currency revenue and client satisfaction

By scaling up and enabling access to new asset classes provided by Saxo's liquidity pool, both companies see an exponential increase in revenue. 

More importantly, QNB Finansinvest's client satisfaction has increased through the provision of a broader product offering and continued high-quality service.


“The collaboration with Saxo ensures that QNB Finansinvest reaches its goals of being a leading investment bank meeting client expectations for domestic and international bonds and equities trading via their own trading front-end.” 

Pamir Karagöz, 
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member 


About QNB Finansinvest

QNB Finansinvest has provided services to its private, corporate, local and international clients across portfolio management, investment advisory, wealth management, corporate sales and investment banking since 1996. As a leading investment institution in Turkey, QNB Finansinvest shapes the industry with its experienced people and robust technological infrastructure. This client-centric company is a long-standing white label client of Saxo Bank, with a relationship going back to 2011.

Find out how QNB Finansinvest expanded their product offering with our cost-effective solutions

01 Client experience facilitation

Platforms or APIs for self-directed clients Brand Saxo’s proprietary trading and investment front-ends

  • Web, mobile and tablet trading via SaxoTraderGO
  • Professional-grade trading on SaxoTraderPRO
  • FIX API trading and connectivity for FX

02 Execution and trading services

19,000+ instruments from one account

  • Single trading environment to execute orders and manage risk
  • 19,000+ tradable instruments across stocks, bonds
Best-in-class execution and liquidity
  • Liquidity sourced from 85 venues, multiple Tier 1 banks and ECNs
  • Integration of own-flow execution through local memberships
  • Market data service
Integrated risk management
  • Real-time position keeping and account management
  • Real-time risk and margin monitoring
  • Activity log of all trading-related activity

03 Post-trade services

Integrated custody and back-office services
  • Reconciliation, settlement and custody
  • Corporate actions processing and stock transfers
  • End-of-day and real-time reporting across front-, middle- and back-office
  • Collateral management and reporting

Reporting services
  • Consolidated reports and end-customer statements

04 Tech foundation

Connectivity and APIs
  • End-of-day file transfers for reporting and business intelligence
  • OpenAPI services to build bespoke user experiences
  • FIX API to receive FX liquidity with back-office services
Client management services (CMS)
  • Set up and manage client account and cash transactions in real time
  • Account configuration via a client configuration management API
  • Funding and cash management tools to support real-time services
  • Self-directed, advisory and discretionary client set ups
Cloud-hosting and IT services
  • Full scale and security with Microsoft cloud
  • Incident management
  • Cyber-security and risk-management programs
  • IT recovery procedures and real-time redundancy set
Business management and intelligence
  • Real-time lead and client administration via SaxoTools
  • Real-time back-office platform via WebConnect
  • Performance dashboards to analyse clients’ behaviour

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