Institutional Forms

Mandatory Onboarding Forms
A1 Client Application Form - Individual 
A2 Client Application Form - Corporate
A3 Guide and Cautionary Notes
A4 Customer Information Form (Only applicable to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Residents)
A5  Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (Only applicable to non-Singapore Citizens and Corporates)
A6 W8BEN-E form (Only applicable to Corporations)
A7 Authorized Dealer List (Only applicable to Corporations)
A8 Board Resolution Template (Only applicable for Corporations with more than one Director)
A9 Specimen Signature Form
A10 Joint Account Form

Additional Onboarding Forms
B1 Sub-Account Form
B2 Declaration of Accredited Investor Status
B3 Authorized View-only User List
B4 Corporate Cash Module (Only applicable to Corporations)

Introducing Brokers / Money Managers
C1 Fee Payment Authorization Form
C2 Limited Power of Attorney Form
C3 Disclosure of Account Information Form
C4 LPOA and Money Manager Fee Authorization (Client not trading)
C5 LPOA and Money Manager Fee Authorization (Client trading - subject to legal approval)

Between Introducing Broker (Limited Power of Attorney) and Saxo
D1 Letter of Undertaking regarding Limited Power of Attorney

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