Start investing with $200 of commission-free trading *

* Your commission credits will be available for one month Learn more.

* Your commission credits will be available for one month, when you sign up before 20 March 2023. Learn more.

Invest or trade on leverage

Access a wide range of investment and leveraged products to build the portfolio you desire.

  • Stocks

    Publicly traded securities, representing a nominal fraction of ownership in a company. Invest in stocks from $1 min. commission.
  • ETFs

    Passive or actively managed funds tracking an asset and traded on an exchange like stocks. Invest in ETFs from $1 min. commission.
  • Bonds

    Fixed income assets, generally providing lower but more stable returns for investors. Invest in bonds from 0.05% commission.
  • Mutual Funds

    Investment vehicles that pool money from many investors to invest in securities. Buy MF starting from $10.
  • Managed Portfolios

    Collection of investments that are selected and automatically adjusted for you according to market opportunities.
  • Interest Rate

    Earn up to 4.5% on USD, 4.4% on GBP & AED, and 3.1% on EUR deposits.

    Why choose Saxo Bank?

    • Your funds are protected

      When you make a deposit into a Saxo account, your money is safeguarded in at least one segregated account and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

    • Fully regulated, globally trusted

      Saxo Bank is licensed locally by the Central Bank of the U.A.E. and adheres to strict regulatory requirements in 15 jurisdictions.

    • A transparent industry leader

      As part of our commitment to promote transparency in the trading industry we align our activities with the Global Code of Conduct.

    • Your investment partner since 1992

      We have 30+ years of experience in providing the best financial products available and unbiased support to help you meet your goals.

      What you need to know about commission-free trading

      All new clients signing up today receive USD 200 in commission credits. That means commission-free trading to get you started, no questions asked – and here’s how it works.

      You can use commission credits to cover commission costs when trading all products except FX, FX options, CFDs, CFD options and CFD indices.
      When you place a trade on any product that includes a commission fee – such as stocks, ETFs, futures and bonds – your commission credits kick in. You pay all trading fees upfront and, at the end of the day, we refund any commission costs that are covered by your credit balance. We refund you in the currency of your main account. 

      Note that the commission credits earned as part of the present campaign expire three months after the date of your account becomes active. You can always monitor your credit balance and refunds in the platform. 
      No, you can only use the credits to cover commission fees paid to Saxo Bank. 
      No, the credits don’t cover the value of the stock, only commission fees connected to the purchase of the stock.
      No. If you have any commission credits you don’t use by their expiration date, you lose them. 

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