New Account section now live in SaxoTraderGO

We are happy to announce that a completely redesigned Account section is now available in SaxoTraderGO.

New Account Section Video

A short introduction to the new Account Section

In the New Account Section

  • New  P/L Analysis Tools allow you to analyze P/L, associated costs and bookings down to the product and instrument level in detail. Analyze your P/L by trading product, specific instruments or sectors, charting the cumulative P/L graphically or itemizing transactions associated with a product or instrument.

    Read more about the new P/L Analysis tools

  • New  Portfolio Summary gives an overview of your current net holding and offers a historic view of your holdings at the end of a selected day.

    Read more about the new Portfolio Overview 
  • Other Account enhancements include simplified navigation and improved layout of reports; cash transfer tools and other account services.