Request for Access to Personal Data

I. Access to Personal Data

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”), individuals are entitled to request for their personal data and know how their personal data has been used or disclosed over the past year.

A. Proof of identity

Please note that Saxo Capital Markets may require further information and/or documentation from the requestor to verify the identity of the requestor and to ensure that the request is (i) legitimate, and where the requestor is making a request on behalf of other person(s), (ii) is legally authorised to act on behalf of that person(s).

B. Fees

Saxo Capital Markets may charge a reasonable administration fee to retrieve the requested personal data. The requestor will be advised of any cost prior to the request being acted upon.

C. Processing time

Your request will be processed within thirty (30) days of receiving the same. If for any reason, we are unable to process your request within the stipulated timeframe or we are unable to accede to your request, you will be notified accordingly.

D. Denial of access request

Saxo Capital Markets may deny an access request if the requestor (i) is not legally authorised to receive the personal data requested, (ii) has not provided sufficient information to facilitate the access request, or if the requested personal data relates to (iii) litigation that is ongoing or reasonably foreseeable, (iv) any applicable law including ongoing investigation by a regulatory body or law enforcement agency, (v) subject to legal privilege, (vi) opinion data kept solely for an evaluative purpose, (vii) reveals personal data about another individual that cannot be redacted, and/or (viii) threatens the safety of another individual.