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    Saxo Morningstar High Dividend

    Goal: Attractive long-term returns driven by dividends and growth

    Strategy: Identify quality companies that offer stable and attractive dividends

    Composition: 100% into global stocks

    Risk level: High

    Minimum investment:
    EUR 30,000

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  • Performance*


    Average Annual Return Since Inception
    Performance is net of all fees

    Performance breakdown
    YTD: 8.32%
    2023: 9.84%
    2022: -1.29%
    2021: 34.02%
    2020: -11.81%
    2019: 27.48%
    2018: -8.80%

    *As of 31/03/24. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

    Performance in EUR denominated portfolio from inception (06/07/2018) until 31/03/24.

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Income stability from stocks

The Saxo Morningstar High Dividend portfolio aims to outperform global stock markets over the medium to long term and provide stable dividend returns in the range of 3-5%.

Morningstar Investment Management* identifies companies with sustainable competitive advantages, or ‘Economic Moats’, in a bid to deliver superior long-term equity returns.

We rebalance the stocks in your portfolio on a half-yearly basis, replacing them with those offering stronger opportunities, if appropriate.

For sustainability related information of this portfolio please click here.

Keep your costs low 

Total expected cost: 2.06% per annum

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Percentage of investmentEUR 30,000 Investment

Service Costs

Ongoing costs

Management Fee

0.75%EUR 225.00
Transaction costs*0.53%EUR 159.00
Incidental costs0%EUR 0.00
Ancilliary costs0%EUR 0.00
One-off costs0%EUR 0.00

Product Costs

Ongoing costs0%EUR 0.00
Transaction costs0.77%EUR 231.00
Incidental costs0%EUR 0.00
Ancilliary costs0%EUR 0.00
One-off costs0%EUR 0.00

Third Party Costs

0%EUR 0.00


2.06%EUR 618.00

The service fee is deducted quarterly on a pro rata basis. The minimum investment is EUR 30,000.
*An estimate that depends on the portfolio activity and investments selected, which may change with time.

No hidden fees

Platform fee

No cost to access Saxo’s full capabilities.

Entry fee and exit fee

Add more or withdraw at no cost.

Custody fee

No fee for simply having money with us.

Frequently asked questions

You can find out more about the Saxo Morningstar Moat below.

Benefits of diversification: Learn about the favourable effect of diversification on risk and returns. Read more

What makes a Moat?: Find out how Morningstar calculates its Economic Moat Ratings.  Read more

Read a comprehensive overview of Morningstar’s process for evaluating stocks. Read more

If you don’t have a Saxo account, create one and add funds, considering the minimum investment amount required for the portfolio you’re interested in. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the platform and click the ‘SaxoSelect’ tab
  2. Take the suitability test to determine your risk profile and the managed portfolios that are suitable for you
  3. Browse the portfolio options and choose one by clicking “Invest”
  4. Add the amount you’d like to invest and confirm your choices

If you already have a Saxo account, just access the ‘SaxoSelect tab’ in your platform and follow the steps above. The first time you invest in a managed portfolio you’ll have to take the suitability test, which is different from the appropriateness test (for self-directed investing).

There is no minimum investment period and you can exit at any time for free. However, it’s important to remember that our managed portfolios are designed for long-term investing and only recommend them if you intend to invest for several years.

Compared to traditional wealth managers we offer a compelling and cost effective way to have your money managed, with some of our portfolio less than half of the cost of an expensive wealth service.

The Costs explained

Service Fee: This is the fee charged for Saxo to manage your money. It is an annual cost, deducted quarterly on a pro-rata basis. You can find more information on the service fee here

Conversion fee: Some portfolios invest into stocks or ETFs that are denominated in different currencies than the portfolio. For example the Morningstar portfolio range is Euro or USD denominated and purchase stocks from around the world. When buying or selling a GBP stock, for instance, a currency conversion cost is incurred. 

Our fees depend on the managed portfolio you choose to invest in.

To see how our annual service fee is calculated, click here

To see how our performance fee (if applicable) is calculated, click here.

As with all investing, there is a relationship between the amount of risk you take and the level of returns you could receive (both positively and negatively). The risk profiles of managed portfolios indicate the potential severity of a loss (of value) during a negative period. As a reference, investing into stocks is considered high risk and during a bad period the stock market could lose around 20%, based on historic events. 

High risk
During a bad period, this portfolio is expected to incur a similar  loss than stock markets. For reference, stocks markets could lose 20% or more in an extreme scenario. 


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*As of 31/03/24. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. For a full overview of performance click on “Read more”.

Profile Questionnaire
To help us find the best portfolios for you, we ask that you complete your profile before investing. This is a required step in the investment process and only takes a few minutes.

Investment risk
Investing in financial products always involves risk. As a general rule, you should only invest in financial products if you understand the risks associated with them. Investing in a portfolio with currency that differs from the base currency of your account carries the risk of exposure to changes in the rate of exchange between them. See the full Managed Portfolio Disclaimer for more information.

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