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FX Trading Times over the Christmas period

FX and FX Metals will be open for trading as follows over the Christmas period:

Date  FX (GMT)  Spot Metals (GMT) 
December 24th Close 19:00, Open 23:00  Close 18:45 
 December 25th Close 06:30  Closed 
December 27th Open 18:00  Open 23:00 
December 28th Normal  Normal (Close 22:00, Open 23:00) 
December 31st Close 22:00  Close 22:00 
January 1st Closed  Closed 
January 3rd Open 18:00  Open 23:00 
January 4th   Normal (Close 22:00, Open 23:00) 


Trading hours during Christmas and holiday periods

You can also find a complete overview of our trading hours during Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years on our webpage: https://www.home.saxo/rates-and-conditions/pricing-plans/pricing-overview

We also recommend that you bookmark this page where we announce any trading times over holiday periods