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Debit Card / Credit Card deposit fee changes

From Thursday 16th March 2017, we are lowering our fees on Credit Cards on a number of currencies while introducing a fee on Debit Cards which were previously free. 

Debit and Credit card payments are subject to a fee charged by the card operator (Visa / MasterCard), which typically ranges from 0.50% to 2.50% depending on the transaction currency. The relevant fee is displayed before the transaction is committed and deducted from the total amount transferred.

New transaction fees from Wednesday 15th March 2017

For Credit Cards

Currency Transaction Fee
 AUD 2.26% 
 CAD 2.26% 
 CHF 1.11% 
 DKK 1.11% 
 EUR 1.23% 
 GBP 1.11% 
 HKD 2.26% 
 JPY 2.26% 
 NOK 1.11% 
 NZD 2.26% 
 SEK 1.11% 
 SGD 2.26% 
 USD 2.26% 


For Debit Cards

Currency Transaction Fee 
AUD 2.16%
CAD 2.16%
CHF 0.50%
DKK 0.50%
EUR 1.23% (EUR1.20 for Carte Bleue / CB)
GBP 0.50%
 HKD 2.16% 
 JPY 2.16% 
 NOK 0.50% 
 NZD 2.16% 
 SEK 0.50% 
 SGD 2.16% 
 USD 2.16% 

Credit card payments 

Card payments are credited to your trading account at Saxo Bank with immediate effect, making them much faster than a normal bank transfer.

To Deposit funds using a Credit/Debit card

You can deposit funds on your account using a Credit/Debit card in your trading platform under Account > Cash Transactions > Credit / Debit Card Deposit:

Credit debit card deposit

Credit debit card deposit

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