Managed Stock Portfolios

Put your investments on auto-pilot and let the experts manage them for you

  • A simple way to have your money professionally managed, online
  • Choose your portfolio and let our technology take care of the rest
  • One click investing directly from your platform
  • You own your stocks and you can exit at any time, without cost

Expertise & Quality

Consists of stocks which have passed a rigorous research process based on time-tested investment principles from leading experts before they can enter your portfolio. We combine our unique technology and portfolio management expertise to provide you access to a unique service.

Digital Control

Once you have invested, your own your stocks and they remain on your account – you can easily monitor your investment and stop at any time without additional costs. You remain in full control at all times through your platform.


With a Managed Stock Portfolio you can easily spread your risk across sectors and countries in one click via stocks that have been specifically selected by the experts.

Cost effective

Thanks to our industry-leading technology you can now access a portfolio management service that has so far been reserved to the few and at a fraction of the cost that traditional wealth managers apply.

Nasdaq Global Momentum

Invest into a portfolio that picks strong performing stocks in emerging and developed markets but excluding the US. The experts of Nasdaq have a time-tested method to identify “momentum” stocks, those in a period of positive returns and which are likely to remain strong.

Nasdaq DW Momentum

Nasdaq Global Momentum is a portfolio consisting of 30 to 40 different stocks, selected based on a price momentum method. The portfolio is managed by Saxo Bank in cooperation with NasdaqDW. Nasdaq DW Global Momentum invests into both developed and emerging markets and excludes US stocks. The goal is to target strong returns over the medium to long-term and invests according to Nasdaq DW’s technically driven methodology.

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Portfolio Cost

Simple, transparent and cost-effective

Service Fee0,75% per annum
Trading Commissions0,06% per trade (or USD 2 minimum)
Entry FeesX
Exit FeesX
Custody FeesX
Conversion FeeX
Other SaxoSelect FeesX

The Service Fee is deducted quarterly on a pro rata basis, and the minimum investment is USD 30,000.

For a USD 30,000 portfolio, after trading costs the total expected cost of the portfolio is 1.55%, or USD 465 per year. For a USD 150,000 portfolio, after trading costs the total expected cost is 0.9%, or USD 1650 per year.

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