Saxo’s Q3 2018 Quarterly Outlook

Discover the emerging trading themes set to shape the markets in the #SaxoStrats’ Q3 2018 Outlook.

Our expert strategists have come together to offer you unrivalled analysis, getting to the heart of economic forecasts, policy horizons, asset prices and more. This publication focuses on trade war; with relations between China and the US threatening to reach breaking point, a period of increased volatility is on the cards. But can opportunities be found amid the uncertainty?

What does ‘trade war’ really mean?

Contemporary trade policy – with its emphasis on free exchange – dates back to the 1930s, with the decades since then showing that world trade and global prosperity depend heavily on the elimination of barriers.

The rising tide of populism, however, has seen several major economies turn away from this consensus – most notably the US under President Trump.

As the trade war between the US and China intensifies, the #SaxoStrats believe that there are several methods and strategies by which investors can weather, and even profit from, the present storm. 

Nevertheless, the trade war is a worrying development and its combination of protectionism, isolationism and nationalism is likely to weigh on the financial markets for some time.

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Saxo Bank's Q3 2018 Quarterly Outlook

Michael McKenna

Head of Editorial Content, Saxo Bank

Q3 Outlook: Commodities challenged

Ole Hansen

Head of Commodity Strategy

Q3 Outlook: Only China can save us

Christopher Dembik

Head of Macro Analysis

Q3 Outlook: Much fear, but opportunity too

Althea Spinozzi

Fixed Income Specialist

Q3 Outlook: The long road to a global trade war

Jacob Pouncey

Cryptocurrency analyst, Saxo Bank

Q3 Outlook: This could end very badly

Steen Jakobsen

Chief Economist & CIO

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