Saxo breaks the DKK 100 billion mark in AUM

Record collateral deposits and trading volumes achieved against backdrop of market volatility

In May 2017 our client collateral deposits have exceeded DKK 100 billion – a record high that is testament to current levels confidence amongst its client base.

For many years, Saxo has been on a steady and strong upward AUM curve, most recently surpassing the DKK 90 billion milestone in mid-November 2016. An increase in AUM is an important testament to the trust that clients continue to have in Saxo Bank, which creates a strong foundation for future revenue growth.

Claus Nielsen, Head of Markets, comments "First and foremost we would like to thank both our direct and institutional clients for their trust in Saxo Bank and will continue to respond to their confidence in us with service and commitment".

"Alongside the onboarding of new clients, the increase in collateral deposits reaffirms the strength of our multi-asset offering and represents early evidence of Saxo Bank continuing its growth trajectory in 2017".

2016 was marked by a number of high profile political events, namely the UK EU referendum on 23 June and the US election on 8 November. With a total of 398,000 client trades on 9 November 2016, the day after the US election, Saxo Bank reached a new record in trading activity. With the French election on 7 May and the upcoming UK election on 8 June 2017 there continues to be events that demand attention from both traders and investors.

Claus Nielsen adds: "From Brexit to Trump, we are proud to have ushered clients through a series of macro events unscathed. We thrive when our clients thrive and therefore having informed clients able to make prudent choices within a robust trading infrastructure is essential".

Saxo's client collateral deposits nearly doubled from 2013 where it amounted to DKK 50.6 billion. Our strategic focus for much of the year so far has been on driving profitable growth and broadening our client base through continued investments in and the development of its multi-asset product offering. As of the last set of financial results, operating income for the Group in 2016 was DKK 2.9 billion up from DKK 2.1 billion in 2015. Net profit was DKK 302 million for 2016. Saxo’s capital position is strong with a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of 14.9%, a Tier 1 capital ratio of 17.1% and a total capital ratio of 19.5%. The Common Equity Tier 1 buffer was DKK 1.0 billion, corresponding to 6.4% of the risk exposure amounts.