Futures position management changes (Reminder)

Saxo is moving to FIFO netting on futures positions from 27 May 2017 on the SaxoTraderGO platform.

This means that futures trades must be closed in the order they were opened; platform features which allow traders to close trades in a different order will be removed:

  • Individual trades in a position cannot be closed directly
  • Traders cannot place related stop and limit order to close specific trades



Closing positions

To close or reduce a position, traders can place a trade using either the Close button on the position or by placing a trade using the Trade Ticket.

Related orders

Stop loss and take profit orders cannot be related directly to individual trades. Independent stop and limit orders can be placed instead and managed separately to the position – if traders manually close a position, they must also manually cancel any orders.

The changes above have already been rolled out in SaxoTrader and Webconnect during April 2017.