SaxoSelect Stronghold Portfolio

Reduce your drawdown during volatile periods

Focuses on limiting drawdowns, then targets returns

Dynamically adjusts to market conditions

Algorithm-driven portfolio, managed by our quantitative experts

Provides a highly-diversified portfolio across equities, bonds and alternatives via ETFs

No lock-up period or entry/exit costs*

* Except for associated trading fees
Please note, the Stronghold portfolio is only available for Accredited Investors.

Stronghold Portfolio

Stronghold is an asset-allocation strategy for the defensive investor, which aims to preserve capital during volatile markets. The strategy is dynamic, permitting more risk in normal conditions, and drastically limiting it during high volatility.

Seeks limited drawdowns

Its primary aim is to keep the downside risk in the portfolio within a fixed budget, and then maximise the returns within these limitations. This differs to most portfolios which prioritise maximising returns.

Diversified ETF universe

The strategy provides low-cost access to indices, like the S&P 500, via exchange traded funds. It has the flexibility to invest into emerging and developed markets' equities, global and inflation-linked government bonds, emerging-market bonds, high-yield bonds, investment-grade bonds and real estate.

Dynamic adjustments

The Stronghold strategy dynamically changes the composition of the portfolio based on market conditions. In less volatile periods, it invests more into riskier assets to target greater returns. In contrast, during more turbulent times, the portfolio seeks to protect capital, and invests more into low-risk government bonds.


Managed by a team of quantitative investing experts, a state-of-the-art mathematical framework reviews the risk and return, and how different combinations of investments behave in relationship to each other. It accounts for extraordinary events in the market, with the aim of avoiding harsh drawdowns.

Simple, transparent and cost effective

Service Fee0.6% per annum
Trading CommissionsUSD 0.015 per share
Entry FeesX
Exit FeesX
Custody FeesX
Conversion Fee0.1% (incurred when investing from a non USD denominated account)
Other SaxoSelect FeesX

The service fee is deducted quarterly on a pro rata basis. The minimum investment is USD 100,000.

See how the annual service fee is calculated.

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Please be advised that Saxo Capital Markets Pte. Ltd. (“Saxo Capital Markets”) automatically executes trades on behalf of the investor which corresponds to the trades carried out in respect of a strategy. The strategy operates through a combination of predictions across major asset classes. Stronghold composes of ETFs across global equities, government bonds, credit and alternatives. ETF pricing could change dramatically and Stronghold therefore entails significant risks. Saxo Capital Markets makes no representation or warranty as to the actual performance of the trades executed on behalf of the investor through Stronghold.

Saxo Capital Markets shall not be liable for (i) any loss which the investor may suffer as a consequence of the trading and transactions undertaken by Saxo Capital Markets in accordance with the power of attorney and terms and conditions of Stronghold (the "Terms"); (ii) any loss suffered or incurred by the investor as a result of or in connection with Saxo Capital Markets’ provision of Stronghold under the Terms, unless and to the extent that such loss is suffered or incurred as a result of Saxo Capital Markets’ gross negligence or willful misconduct; (iii) any loss due to actions taken by Saxo Capital Markets according to its rights under the Terms; (iv) any consequential or other indirect loss (including loss of profit and loss of goodwill) suffered or incurred by the investor whether arising from Saxo Capital Markets’ negligence or otherwise; or (v) any loss exceeding Saxo Capital Markets’ revenue on the investment account(s) of the investor for any 12-month period prior to the investor's raising of a claim against Saxo Capital Markets.

Please see Saxo Capital Markets’ full SaxoSelect Disclaimer for more information and consider our Risk Warning and General Business Terms before trading with us.

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