Saxo’s Q2 2018 Quarterly Outlook

Discover expert insights and emerging trading themes in the #SaxoStrats’ Q2 2018 Outlook

Our expert strategists have come together to offer you unrivaled analysis, getting to the heart of economic forecasts, policy horizons, asset prices and more. This publication focuses on the end of a cycle like no other; with history’s greatest monetary experiment coming to a close, markets must deal with harsh late-cycle realities.

The end of a cycle like no other

We are nearing the end of the largest monetary policy experiment of all time, and ascendant nationalism, staggering inequality and a widespread loss of hope amid the younger generation are among its varied fruit. The good news? Things only change when they absolutely must.

The #SaxoStrats believe the effects of monetary misallocation, potential trade wars and the emergence of tech-sector monopolies are helping define a cycle like no other. But it’s fast coming to an end.

With youth sentiment at an all-time low, we must embrace our rapidly-evolving landscape, both financial and political, and realise our future will not, for once, merely be an extension of our past. 

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