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US corporate and LATAM bonds now available

More than 1,000 bonds have recently been added to our unique bond trading solution, which now offers more than 5,000 online tradable bonds through the TraderGO platform. We are pleased to announce the most recent addition of US corporate and LATAM bonds:

  • US corporate bonds include over 700 Investment Grade bonds and more than 300 high-yield bonds.
  • LATAM bonds include the most actively-traded USD corporate and government bonds from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.


Saxo Group has combined its technology and relationships with 40 of the largest liquidity providers in the bond markets into a truly unique proposition for bond trading, offering transparent, cheaper and more efficient access to fixed income trading products. Saxo’s bond trading solution is set to revolutionise bond trading which is usually only available on a slow, inefficient manual “request-for-quote” basis and through very few banks.

Our online bond solution allows clients to fully explore the liquidity and range of prices available in the marketplace.

If you haven't activated online bonds trading on your White Label platform, but are interested in doing so, please contact your Account Manager for a product presentation.


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