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​Intraday margin is now available on Saxo’s most popular CFD Index Trackers, lowering the margin requirements by 50% and allowing you to aggressively leverage during the intraday session.

Intraday margins will apply when the main market is open until shortly before close, when the margin will revert to the full margin.

CFDs-icon   CFDs Index Trackers available with intraday margin

Index Tracker​ ​ Standard Margin Intraday Margin1) Intraday Session2)
US US 30 Wall Street2.0%1.0%09:00 - 15:53
US US 5002.0%1.0%09:00 - 15:53
US US Tech 100 NAS2.0%1.0%09:00 - 15:53
EU EU Stocks 504.0%2.0%09:00 - 17:28
France France 403.0%1.5%09:00 - 17:28
Germany Germany 303.0%1.5%09:00 - 17:28
Spanish Spain 355.0%2.5%09:00 - 17:28
Swiss Switzerland 204.0%2.0%09:00 - 17:18
UK UK 1002.0%1.0%08:00 - 16:28​

1) Intraday Margin is available upon request. Please contact your Account Manager or Service Center.

​2) Trading hours are stated in the local hours of the underlying exchange. Please note that Intraday Margin will move to Standard Margin during a rolling window of 2 minutes after the close of the Intraday Session(s).

Intra-day margin rates can be found under Trading Conditions in the trading platforms:

  • In SaxoTrader: Account > Trading Conditions > CFD Stock/Index Instrument List
  • In SaxoTraderGO: Account > Trading Conditions > Search for CFD index

Please note intraday margin will not be available in Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong.

To enable intraday margin on your account

Contact your account manager directly or create a request through your trading platform under: Account > Contact Support.