Increasing TraderGO resilience to DDoS attacks

In order to ensure resilience against the ever-growing threat of a DDoS attack, we are making adjustments on how the TraderGO platform is exposed to the external world. In order to do so, Saxo is moving from a reactive to a proactive protection setup, which means our service will be presented at a new IP address.

If you are currently using CNAME entry in your DNS for your Login URL towards Saxo, no action from your end is required. The change will be transparent when the IP address is changed by us.

If you are currently using A-Record towards Saxo, you will need to change your DNS configuration from A-record to a CNAME.  Your Account Manager will contact you in the near future with additional details of the required changes. Primarily, this will include removing the A-Record and creating a CNAME record pointing to (including the trailing “.”). Your DNS administrator will be able to perform this task.