Launching improved Performance Dashboards and Sales Funnel Simulation

The Performance Dashboard is an out-of-the-box business intelligence solution for business monitoring and analysis that is accessible through the Institutional Marketing Portal. This online interface allows you to access insights on your earnings, traded volumes, assets under management and customer acquisition. It also provides insights on the customer portfolio, and displays performance and lifecycle information down to an individual customer level.

To make these dashboards even more insightful for your business, we are launching a customised Sales Funnel chart and Client Segmentation chart which will visualize the conversion ratio at every stage of the customer journey for your business. These views will be supported by a Sales Funnel Simulation tool distributed in an excel format. On top of that, improvements will be implemented to the Demo Account Usage Statistics we have collected from your leads. This information will be updated on a daily basis.

The key benefits of these updates are:

  • The Sales Funnel dashboard will help you understand whether it is marketing, sales or an onboarding process where you need to focus on in order to boost your sales results.
  • The Clients Segmentation dashboard will give you more clarity on what kind of clients you are targeting. Whether they are long term investors or active traders, these insights will help you with improving your overall brand positioning.
  • The simulation environment for both Sales Funnel and Clients Segmentation will enable you to find where your key potential and challenges exist. These tools will help you to benchmark against your targets and to forecast the revenues within a 2 years horizon.
  • The statistics behind Demo usage will allow you to track the behavior of your leads. Our findings show that the sales results improve by nearly 4 times when the leads are actively testing the demo platform. These stats will help you identify which leads do and which don’t test it.

Overall, these tools will allow you to improve the marketing, sales and account management processes by which you boost your sales numbers and the client retention.

The customised Sales Funnel chart, the Sales Funnel Simulation tool and the Demo Account Usage Statistics will be made available in your Dashboard environment by 11 July 2017. The Client Segmentation chart will be delivered by the end of Q3 2017 together with further improvements to the Performance Dashboards.