Online bonds available in Saxo Portfolio Management

Following the recent launch of online traded bonds for our retail clients, we have now added bonds to the line of asset classes available for online STP trading in Saxo Portfolio Manager. This provides access to global bond markets in a direct, competitive and efficient manner through your Saxo omnibus structure. Bonds can be managed in your portfolios and benefit from the suite of tools within Saxo Portfolio Manager:

  • Online market access for STP execution within seconds
  • Price optimisation from 40 global liquidity providers to reduce spreads
  • Rebalance across multiple clients and portfolios using block orders and pre-trade allocation keys
  • Create and manage a variety of target model portfolios using products from multiple asset classes
  • Run performance analytics by strategy or by client segment for reporting, risk analytics and compliance
  • Out-of-the-box PDF reports and online client portal for viewing investments anytime, anywhere
  • Compliance surveillance via compliance rules and advanced risk management features
  • A fully digitised value chain

Bond orders are routed straight to an optimised dealer auction where 40 top-end liquidity providers compete for your orders. Minimum position sizes for retail bonds are as low as USD 10,000 and you can trade whenever markets are open. By leveraging this competitive environment in combination with our strong focus on technology, we are now able to offer a much easier and faster solution for bond traders and asset managers.

On average, the new solution generates significant cost reductions due to reduced spreads for government bonds and even more so for corporate bonds.

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