Our market providers have stipulated that all of our clients and our partners’ customers must acknowledge that they have seen the message and the rules associated with market conduct when trading.

Therefore, given the impact and importance of distributing this information, we have implemented a one-time pop-up message that must be accepted before proceeding into the platform. The notification is part of the SSO flow so will pop up in the first platform the client logs into, immediately after login. We will record the acceptance in the activity log and thus this will act as acknowledgement.

This messaging service is being offered to all partners and we advise that, given the risk factor, passing this information to your customers not only alleviates risk from yourselves to your customers but also gives your customers the opportunity to review market rules.

An example of the pop-up message is shown below. To activate the “I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD” button, the customer must scroll to the end of the message. All platform languages are supported.

Opt out

If you wish not to accept this service and approach your customers directly, then please advise no later than 2 February 2017.

We highly recommend, however, that you utilise this service offering as its of great importance to both Saxo  and yourselves that clients understand the market rules. More regulation and heavy fines are becoming common, and educating your clients must be seen as a major positive.