Institutional Dashboards – Clients Segmentation Chart now available

After having launched the customised Sales Funnel chart and the Sales Funnel Simulation in July 2017, we are happy to inform you that the Client Segmentation chart is now also available as part of your Performance Dashboards.

The Clients Segmentation chart will give you more clarity on what kind of clients you are targeting. Whether they are long term investors or active traders, these insights will help you with improving your overall brand positioning.

The purpose of this new dashboard is to display sales distribution across the following three client segments:

 We define these client segments as follows:

  • VIP client is any client generating commissions above EUR 6.000 per quarter
  • Active Trader is any client generating commissions between EUR 1.000 - 5.999 per quarter
  • Investor is any client generating commissions below EUR 999.99 per quarter