​For clients using related orders on Futures

To help our clients manage futures positions in an easy and compliant manner, we are changing functionality to ensure positions are automatically netted at the end of each trading day. We are doing this to help ensure that our clients are not accidentally acting in an incompliant way with their positions and, ultimately, open interest.

To help facilitate compliant position management, we will be implementing this mandatory daily FIFO-based netting of positions on the sub-account level by 12 December, 2016. Before this date, if you hold both long and short positions in the same product, with the same expiry date, you must trade out of your existing positions. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager to discuss possible account structure solutions where you can keep gross positions in a compliant manner.

This functionality change will immediately help you achieve more transparency and operational ease in your position management.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your account options, please contact your Account Manager.