New FX Margins May 2016

New FX Tiered Margining Policy

On 25th April 2016, Saxo Capital Markets introduced a new FX Tiered Margining Policy.

Margin levels are tiered based on USD notional amounts, the higher the notional amount potentially the higher the margin rate. The tiered margin requirement will be calculated per currency pair. The change also applies to our FX Options Margin Policy.

Amount traded (in EURUSD)
<25 Million
From 25M to 50M
>50 Million
Margin required


The trade ticket on your trading platform will display the margin required in real-time. You can also refer to Account >Trading Conditions for more details.

Please note that under the new tiered policy, the margin requirement increases with your exposure and you may have to pay more margin on positions as compared to the current policy.

We kindly remind you that you are at all times responsible for ensuring that the margin available on your account is sufficient to cover the margin requirements. Please refer to the our General Business Terms for more information.

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