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Islamic stock screener disclaimer

The list of Islamic compliant securities has been prepared by IdealRatings, Inc. ("IR"), an independent third-party data provider. The list is the result of a screening process carried out by IR on the basis of the Shariyah Review Bureau's ("SRB") Islamic compliance rules, which is subject to regular review by SRB's Islamic board. This data is provided for information purposes only, and Saxo Bank A/S and its owners, subsidiaries and affiliates whether acting directly or through branch offices (“Saxo Bank”) make no representation or warranty, and assume no liability, for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided herein. Saxo Bank does not express any view or make any representation as to the Islamic compliance of the securities included in this list or of any products or services offered by Saxo Bank in respect of or in connection with any of the securities included in this list. By using the Islamic Screening Service, you agree that Saxo Bank, IR and SRB shall not be liable for any financial, reputational or moral loss that you may suffer as a result of or in connection with your use of the data provided by IR.

The list of Islamic compliant securities is subject to change, and securities may be added to, or removed from, the list from time to time. Saxo does not undertake to notify you when a security that you hold is removed from the list, and you will be solely responsible for monitoring your investments for ongoing Islamic compliance.

For the avoidance of doubt, the list of “Islamic compliant securities” sets out a selection of securities that are considered by IR to meet IR's Islamic screening requirements. Saxo Bank does not express any view as to whether such securities are in fact Islamic compliant, and each investor should undertake his or her own analysis in this respect. Even where an underlying security is considered Islamic compliant, certain types of investment in that security (such as leveraged or derivative investments, including contracts for differences, or the use of an interest-bearing account) may result in the overall investment not being Islamic compliant. Using your Saxo Bank account only to invest in securities included in the list does not mean that such investments or your account as a whole would be Shari'ah compliant.

This disclaimer is subject to Saxo Bank's Full Disclaimer available at