Saxo trading in Excel

The OpenAPI plugin for Excel works both as a supplement to the SaxoTrader platform and as a complete stand-alone solution. Use it to create your own custom workspaces with native VBA and excel functionality.  

OpenAPI for Excel makes it possible to create a custom trading experience unhindered by the restraints of a platform. OpenAPI for Excel includes the ability to send automated bulk trades, conduct automated hedging, trade on algo output, trade at specific times based on dynamic data – and much more.

OpenAPI for Excel lets you trade specific times based on dynamic data, bulk trade on behalf of multiple clients or accounts, get access to real time data on positions, orders and balances directly in Excel for reconciliation purposes or risk monitoring – and much more.

How to get access to OpenAPI for Excel?

If you are new to Saxo you can test the solution in our demo environment for up to one month. If you are already a client with us you can get a ‘view only’ access (trading disabled) to your live account free of charge.

New to Saxo?

To test OpenAPI for Excel you can create a DEMO account and use it for 1 month.

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Already a client?

You can use your existing account in view only mode (non trading access) together with OpenAPI for Excel.

As a Saxo client to be enabled for trading in OpenAPI for Excel you need to be a Premium or VIP client and submit the below documentation to your account manager.

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Terms and conditions 

Please note that certain requirements need to be met in order to trade non-FX products due to exchange regulations and that Saxo reserves the right to reject or revoke access to trading in OpenAPI for Excel at any point. Read more about our terms and conditions.

OpenAPI Excel Templates

Get started with Saxo’s OpenAPI plugin by using or building on our ready-made Excel templates. Each template is designed to serve as inspiration and a demonstration of the countless possibilities for customization. 

For instructions on how to use and setup the excel plugin itself, please refer to our user manual here.


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