A rewarding referral for you

Make an introduction to Saxo Capital Markets and be rewarded. As our way of expressing thanks for the endorsement of our services to your network of friends, for each successful referral, both existing client (“Referrer”) and newly referred client (“Referee”) will receive a cash credit of maximum HKD 4,000 respectively. 

For both referrer and referee to receive the reward, the Referee is required to fulfil the requirements listed below Table 1 below:

Initial deposit ≥ USD 10,000 ≥ USD 50,000 ≥ USD 100,000
Minimum transactions
within first 3 months
10 20 40
One-off Reward HKD 1,000 each HKD 2,000 each HKD 4,000 each

Click here to find out more about the Terms and Conditions.

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