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Go long or short on 9,000+ instruments with tight spreads and low commissions.


Industry-leading prices

Trade UK stock CFDs from £8, US 500 spreads at 0.4 points, and up to 40x leverage.

Wide range of markets

9,000+ CFDs covering stocks, ETFs, indices, FX, commodities, government bonds and index options.

Award-winning platforms

Fast and reliable access to the markets from your phone, tablet, laptop or multi-screen desktop set-up.

24/5 expert service

Professional support whenever markets are open, including technical assistance, market analysis and access to personal sales traders.

Ultra-competitive CFD pricing

Compare our CFD entry spreads and commissions (Classic pricing) to our competitors’, and see how much you could save by trading with us.

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UK StocksGBP 8GBP 9GBP 10GBP 10
UK 1001111
GER 301111
US StocksUSD 10USD 10USD 10USD 15

Source: Equivalent standard pricing published on websites of respective brokers as of 02/07/2019.
Saxo prices are indicative of classic pricing. For most up to date pricing, existing clients should refer to the trading platform.

Wide range of CFD markets

Award-winning trading platforms

Award-winning trading platforms

The No. 1 for active traders1
The award-winning, multi-device SaxoTraderGO partners seamlessly with SaxoTraderPRO, our professional-grade platform for advanced traders.

Integrated charting package
Access live charts with 50+ technical indicators, plus a range of drawing and annotation tools.

Powerful CFD trading tools
Benefit from integrated Trade Signals, news feeds, Level 1 and 2 market data,2 algo orders and innovative risk-management tools.

24/5 expert service

Personal relationship managers

Dedicated assistance available for platform, trading and account questions.

Dedicated sales traders

Live market commentary, risk management and trade support available from Saxo Group sales traders.

In-house analysts

News and commentary on all major asset classes from Saxo Group’s team of strategists – the #SaxoStrats

Integrated digital support

Self-service support centre, in platform help tickets, and a range of educational courses.

24-hour customer service

Support with technical matters and account queries available whenever markets are open.

Local language assistance

With offices in 16 countries, Saxo Group can support its clients in the majority of local languages.

Winner of 100+ awards across Saxo Group.

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35,000 instruments. Eight asset classes. One account

The way we execute your order is dependent on the type of CFD you’re trading. For more information, please read the Saxo Group order execution policy.

For full details of our spreads, commissions and minimum trade sizes on stock, index-tracking, commodity and forex CFDs, click here.

Your margin requirement will depend on the type of CFD you’re trading and the individual contract.

You can view our CFD margin requirements in full, here.

With Saxo, you can trade more than 9,000 CFDs on a wide range of instruments, including global stocks, forex, indices, commodities and bonds.

You can access all of our CFDs through our online trading platforms.

You can trade more than 8,800 single stocks from all major US, European and Asia/Pacific exchanges.

To see a full list of our stock CFDs and their margin requirements, click here and select an exchange.

With our index-tracking CFDs, you can go long or short on major stock indices such as the UK 100, US 500, Japan 225 and many more.

To see all the index-tracking CFDs we offer and their contract details, click here.

Yes. Whether you’re new to trading or looking to refine your knowledge, we have a range of educational videos and online course that will suit your needs. You can also find comprehensive trading education, research and analysis directly in our platform.

In addition, our experts run a series of webinars to help you broaden your understanding of CFD trading and seize market opportunities.

Both our SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO platforms offer you a fast and intuitive CFD trading experience.

However, if you’d like some help getting started, we’ve put together a short video on how to trade CFDs on SaxoTraderGO, which highlights the key features you’ll need.

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Key Information Documents

All trading carries risk. To help you understanding the risks involved we have put together a series of Key Information Documents (KIDs) highlighting the risks and rewards related to each product. Read more

Additional Key Information Documents are available in our trading platform.


1 ADVFN International Financial Awards 2018: Best Platform for Active Traders.

2 Subscription required to access exchange data.


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Trade Responsibly
All trading carries risk. To help you understand the risks involved we have put together a series of Key Information Documents (KIDs) highlighting the risks and rewards related to each product. Read more
Additional Key Information Documents are available in our trading platform.

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