SaxoSelect Managed Portfolios FAQ

If you have not already done so, you first need to open an account and make sure you have funded it with sufficient funds.

  1. In the platform, click the SaxoSelect Tab. 
  2.  Next to your chosen portfolio, click the Invest button.
  3. If this is your first time with SaxoSelect, you will be asked to complete a set of Suitability questions specifically for portfolio management (this is different to an appropriateness test, which relates to self-directed investing).
  4. Once completed, if your financial information and risk profile match the risk level of the portfolio you can proceed to the trade ticket where you enter the amount you would like to invest.


If you are already a Saxo client this is not required. Once you have invested into a managed portfolio, a sub-account dedicated to that portfolio will automatically be created under your existing Saxo account.

SaxoSelect Balanced Portfolios

GBP 10,000

SaxoSelect Morningstar MOAT Portfolio

EUR 30,000

SaxoSelect Global StockPicker

EUR 20,000

SaxoSelect Discretionary Trading

USD 20,000

SaxoSelect Commodity Focus

USD 20,000

SaxoSelect Macro FX Trading

EUR 10,000

Once you have invested into a managed portfolio, you will see that you cannot click the Invest button in the main shopping window, as this is for new investments only. To top up, scroll down to the SaxoSelect Investments tab and then select the ‘Manage’ button for your portfolio. Here, you can see that you can ‘Deposit Funds’. This will transfer cash from your main account into your portfolio account, and then automatically invest into the portfolio.

The minimum amount which you can add to an existing portfolio is EUR/USD/AUD 5,000 for each SaxoSelect portfolio, as per the respective currency of the portfolio.

There are two ways to exit a portfolio 1) Close all of the positions or 2) Stop having your money managed but keep the positions. 
In the platform, click on the SaxoSelect Investments icon. Here you can press the ‘Stop’ button. If you wish to keep your positions, untick the box that says ‘Close Net Positions’. 

Remember, once you have closed your positions the cash will remain in the portfolio subaccount until you transfer the cash back into your main account.

Partial withdrawals are subject to the minimum investment amount, at present you can partially withdraw from:

Discretionary Trading
Macro FX
Commodity Focus
Global Stockpicker

Unfortunately you cannot partially withdraw from the Balanced Portfolios or Saxo Morningstar Moat Portfolio

In the platform, click on the SaxoSelect Investments icon. From here, click the ‘Manage’ button and select the Withdraw Funds button. 
Remember, when withdrawing you must first stop having your portfolio managed (please refer to ‘how to exit a managed portfolio’) and raise the money.

There is no minimum investment period, neither are there any costs to exit the portfolio. That said, it is important to remember that depending on the strategy investing is typically intended for a mid– to longer–term period, and only recommended if you intend to invest for several years.

Please refer to the web pages for the respective managed portfolio for fees.
To understand how the annual service fee is calculated.
To understand how the performance fee (if applicable) is calculated.

SaxoSelect Balanced Portfolios

ETFs invested into Fixed Income, Equities and Non-Traditional asset classes

SaxoSelect Morningstar MOAT Portfolio

Global single stocks (ex. Emerging Markets)

SaxoSelect Global StockPicker

Global stock CFDs (ex. Emerging Markets)

SaxoSelect Discretionary Trading

CFDs across equity indices, commodities, fixed income and liquid FX spot crosses

SaxoSelect Commodity Focus

CFDs commodities

SaxoSelect Macro FX Trading

Liquid FX spot crosses

The SaxoSelect Trading Strategies and Saxo Global StockPicker make use of leverage in their investment decisions. The maximum we permit is 8 times leverage for the Trading Strategies and 3 times leverage for the Global StockPicker, on the total value of the portfolio. We do not impose rules on how leverage can be used for positioning trades - each managed portfolio utilises leverage differently, subject to this maximum.

For portfolios that receive dividends, any dividends received are kept as cash in the managed portfolio account. When the portfolio is rebalanced (for instance, at quarter-end for the Saxo Morningstar Moat portfolio), the cash is then incorporated in the rebalancing.

If you are topping up an existing investment, please refer to the ‘How To Top Up’ section.
If this is your first time investing into a SaxoSelect managed portfolio, please note that you must complete a set of Suitability Questions before investing. You will be prompted to complete this when you select the Invest button and before you reach the purchase ticket.

Once you have completed the Suitability Questions, you may receive a risk profile that does not match your desired investment. If this is the case, please check that your answers are accurate and contact us if you need clarification. If your answers are accurate, you should consider that portfolio inappropriate for your investment goals - the result for Suitability cannot be overwritten.
Alternatively, you may have insufficient funds to invest the minimum or desired amount. If you have sub-accounts that hold your funds, you may need to first transfer funds to your main account, as this is where funds are taken to invest into your managed portfolio.

In short, no. Regulation is strict when you decide to hand over the investment decisions to a portfolio manager. It is the portfolio manager’s responsibility to ensure that the investment made on your behalf is suitable for you – and the suitability questions are the primary method for this.

You can find information on the website, product factsheets (available via the website or your Saxo account manager), portfolio commentaries (also on the website) and also in the platform for existing customers.

The relevant webpage for each of the managed portfolio categories are below:

The statistics describing each managed portfolio are based on actual data from real money accounts. Performance returns and drawdown statistics, for example, are calculated on the account value, thereby taking into consideration both closed and open trades.

Where we display these statistics remember that past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Trading Strategies are classified as a very high risk and make use of complex instruments. A suitability questionnaire must be taken to ensure your profile is aligned and that you have sufficient experience in the instruments traded.

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