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​​​We are pleased to an​nounce the launch of an Option Chain on the SaxoTraderGO platform in October 2016. The new option chain will allow trading of FX options and ​Exchange Traded Options on stocks, indices and futures.

Option Chain Feature

Features of the new Option Chain will include:

  • Option Chain can be linked to the Watchlist allowing fast switching between instruments from the Watchlist
  • FX Vanilla and FX Touch Options
  • In-the-money highlighting of strikes
  • Shows the underlying instrument price information
  • Collapsible strikes
  • Customizable number of strikes shown for each expiry
  • Customizable columns including Greeks and volatilities for US stock options

The Option chain will initially be available in SaxoTraderGO for desktop, with Tablet and Phone GO to follow later.


Title: Option chain in SaxoTraderGO