Title: Improvements to Saxo Portfolio Manager
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​​Please refer to the online brochure for a general overview of the Saxo Portfolio Manager (SPM) solution and reach out to your account manager to arrange an in-depth demo session with the SPM team.

Improved PDF reports​

The end-client reporting has been improved over the last months including the following features:

  • A detailed cost section has been introduced
  • Corrections to the processing of a number of transaction types have been implemented for improved readability
  • Unrealised Profit & Loss will now get populated for multi-currency consolidated portfolios

Order management improvements

The SPM solution’s STP integration with Saxo’s OMS (Order Management System) is constantly undergoing improvements. Recent enhancements include:

  • Algorithmic limit day orders for execution of large block orders are now supported on the US stock exchange as well as the Johannesburg and European exchanges
  • The price of partially executed block orders can now be changed, including for algorithmic orders
  • The default order follow-up screens have been reconfigured for optimised speed and usability
  • Stop order support has been added on all tradable product types

Upcoming improvements to the STP order routing aim at further supporting rebalancing of many client portfolios using block orders:

  • Algorithmic market order support
  • Full GTD/GTC support
  • Complete allocation details on partially filled block orders
  • Improved logic around rebalancing calculations in case of blocked holdings

These enhancements enable small or large teams of portfolio managers to collaborate seamlessly in handling order entry and management for hundreds or thousands of client portfolios.