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Trade UK stocks from £4.99 commission and US stocks from $9.90, with a custody fee of 0.12% a year

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Invest in thousands of ISA-eligible stocks, ETFs, bonds and investments trusts, with access to 25 leading exchanges.

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4.99 GBP UK Exchanges10 GBP UK Exchanges8 GBP UK Exchanges9.95 GBP UK Exchanges11.95 GBP UK Exchanges
9.90 USD US Exchanges10 GBP US Exchanges15 USD US Exchanges9.95 GBP US Exchanges11.95 GBP US Exchanges
12 EUR EU Exchanges20 GBP EU Exchanges10 EUR EU Exchanges9.95 GBP EU Exchanges11.95 GBP EU Exchanges
15 AUD AU Exchanges20 GBP AU Exchanges10 AUD AU Exchanges29.95 GBP* AU ExchangesN/A AU Exchanges

Source: Pricing available on websites of respective brokers (as of 31 January 2019). Commissions reflect standard pricing (i.e. not active trader/volume based rates). Non-UK listed instruments incur currency conversion or a foreign exchange charge on top of dealing costs.

*Phone dealing only.

The ISA tax benefits

For the 2018/19 tax year the ISA allowance is £20,000, which represents the maximum amount of money you can invest in an ISA without paying Capital gains tax and Tax on further UK income.

If you haven’t invested your full allowance by the time the UK tax year ends on 5 April, it will be gone for good – you can’t roll leftover balances to the following year.

Outside the ISA wrapper, your investments may be subject to the following taxes:

  • Share dividend income over £2,000 p.a:
    • Basic rate taxpayer - 7.5%
    • Higher rate taxpayer - 32.5%
    • Additional rate taxpayer - 38.1%
    • Saxo ISA - 0%
  • Capital gains over £11,700 annual limit:
    • Basic rate taxpayer - 10%
    • Higher rate taxpayer - 20%
    • Additional rate taxpayer - 20%
    • Saxo ISA - 0%

Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Please seek independent advice if necessary. Tax rates and thresholds correct as of 2018/19 tax year.

Award-winning platform

Award-winning platform

Invest simply and securely wherever you are, and get comprehensive account and performance overviews.

Multi-device compatible
Access more than 11,000 ISA-eligible instruments from your mobile, desktop or tablet with SaxoTraderGO.

Detailed performance analysis
View dedicated dashboards that outline your P/L, returns and performance history across any timeframe.

Portfolio summary
See current and historic reports of your net holdings, including total value and percentage exposures.

Saxo Stocks & Shares ISA FAQs

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