Stock Transfers & Corporate Actions

How to request a stock transfer through the platform

To transfer a stock to or from Saxo Capital Markets, you as the IB or the client can do so on the platform or Webconnect. 

The Transfer Request can be found under Account > Corporate Actions > Securities Transfer as shown below:

The Client chooses to transfer to or from Saxo Capital Markets. The IB will have a list of their clients’ accounts to choose from.

Enter in the details of the brokers where the stock is to come from/transferred to.

Find the ticker of the stock to be transferred and enter in the amount and price. Hit the + button to add more securities to the transfer.

Verify the details are correct and then send. Print the request sign and send to Saxo Capital Markets.

Please note: Many brokers require the client to write to them directly to instruct them to release the stock. In order to save time it will be a good idea to ask the client to do this as soon as the stock transfer form is complete.

Saxos's CREST details for UK stocks


Citibank N.A.

How to elect on a Corporate Action

When a client has a Corporate Action, e.g. an upcoming dividend, that needs an election you and the client will see a notification on your platforms. To elect go to ‘Account’ then ‘Corporate Action Voluntary Events’

The Corporate Action will be listed. Click ‘Elect’ to see the details.

Type in the amount of stock that the client holds either in the ‘Cash’ or ‘Stock’ option, then submit.



Transferring stock that is not on the platform

Please complete this spreadsheet if the stock is not listed on our platform and email it to