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As Saxo Capital Markets is not a market participant, we do not trade directly on Exchanges on your behalf. Therefore, when you use our trading services, this involves us arranging for market participants to enter into trades on the relevant Exchanges on your behalf, in accordance with the trading orders you place with us via the SaxoTraderGo platform. When you trade in Exchange-traded products with Saxo Capital Markets (i.e. Listed Equities traded on a recognised Exchange, such as shares and ETFs, Bonds, Equity Options, ETF Options, ETCs & ETC Options, Futures and Futures Options etc.) we will, as your agent, instruct market participants who will enter into trades on the Exchange, in accordance with your orders.

When trading Exchange-traded products with Saxo Capital Markets, clients are subject to relevant Exchange rules dependent on the Exchange they are trading, Saxo Capital Markets strongly recommend that clients familiarise themselves with relevant exchange rules before engaging in any trading activity on any particular Exchange.

As a guide, Saxo Capital Markets has provided links to various exchanges, however it is still ultimately your responsibility to ensure you understand these rules prior to trading with Saxo Capital Markets. There may be times when the links may not be up to date due to changing exchange rules or technicalities, in such cases please contact our Sales desk to assist you or guide you to the appropriate rules.

There is an increased focus from financial regulation authorities on market conduct rules across financial markets and financial products. As a client of Saxo Capital Markets, it is important that you understand the rules and the regulations you must comply with. Please read this article where you will find a list of situations you should avoid to comply with market rules - read more