Saxo Markets Sales & Marketing Seminar for Partners

In May, Saxo Markets hosted the annual two-day seminar for our partner’s sales & marketing. This year, 50 existing and potential partners gathered to share experiences and best practices to accelerate business. 

An inspiring lineup of speakers shared their ideas and updates with the audience, including Nanna Baht-Hagen who spoke about the importance of a strong brand concept that communicates a simple and clear message and is campaignable over time and across media and channels.  

Saxo’s Private Sales team and Daniel Clausen from EXSEQUI discussed client management, communication and client psychology, more concretely how to execute on the right context and the importance of prudence when engaging with clients to identify and activate their needs.

Most of the presentation decks shown during the seminar are now available on our Institutional Marketing Portal

The next seminar is the White Label seminar for executives, to be held in on October 3rd-4th, 2017.