Title: Service Billing (Reminder)
Page Content:

​As a follow-up to last month’s notification, we would like to remind you that the new Service Billing functionality will be made available in Saxo Tools on 31 October, 2016.

Going forward, a WLC employee will have to validate the personal details provided by their clients when subscribing to exchange data and/or news services – this validation will take place in the Service Billing module, and must be done within 48 hours of the end-client submitting the subscription. If the subscriptions are not validated within 48 hours, they will be deactivated automatically.

Note that the personal details of the end-clients will be encrypted like the other end-client information in Saxo Tools stored under the Encrypted Client Information section in CCM.

A user manual is in the process of being completed, and will be sent out in the run-up to go-live.

For more information, please contact