Title: Service Billing (Final reminder)
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​As mentioned last month, the new Service Billing module will be available in SaxoTools as of Monday, 31 October.

Going forward, a White Label employee will have to validate the personal details provided by their customers when subscribing to exchange data and/or news services.  This validation will take place in the Service Billing module, and must be done within 48 hours of the customer submitting the subscription. If the subscriptions are not validated within 48 hours, they will be deactivated automatically.

Note that the personal details of the customers will be encrypted like the other customer information in SaxoTools, stored under the Encrypted Client Information section in CCM.

Note that the relevant White Label employees will have to be allocated the new role in SaxoTools called “Service Billing”. These employees should also be given access to the “CCM > Client User Modification” role in order to be able to validate the details your customers have entered in the Subscription Tool.

A user manual for the new Service Billing module can be accessed here.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.