Title: SaxoTrader – Trade all instruments from the Trade Board
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​Stocks, CFDs and futures through the Trade Board

SaxoTrader now allows you to trade exchange-traded instruments through the Trade Board, including Stocks, CFDs (all CFDs), Futures and ETOs. Previously, only instruments FX and CFD indices (on green prices) were tradable through the Trade Board.

To trade an instrument from the Trade Board, you must be subscribed to live prices for the instrument from the exchange – instruments on delayed prices cannot be traded through the Trade Board and the trade buttons will launch a Trade Ticket instead. 

Trading as Market orders

If you do not specify a tolerance for the instrument, the trade buttons will place a Market order for the instrument, to be filled at the price available on the Market.


Trading as Limit orders

If you specify a price tolerance, the trade buttons will place a limit order instead, ensuring you are not filled at more than your price tolerance from the market price.


Access to the Trade Board

The Trade Board is part of the Watchlist and is accessed by clicking the Trade Board icon in the Watchlist.