Title: Fixed spreads on CFD Index Trackers
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​Saxo is pleased to announce improved Bid/Ask spreads on CFD Index Trackers. Spreads will be fixed at the minimum target spread during the main stock market trading session for 99% of price updates (up to a max. trade size for an index).

Fixed spreads are now available for the following CFD Index Trackers:
Index T​racker NameSymbolTrade amount (contracts)*
usaUS 30 Wall StreetUS30.I15
usaUS 500US500.I100
usaUS Tech 100 NAS​USNAS100.I25
euEU Stocks 50EU50.I100
frFrance 40FRA40.I10
gerGermany 30GER30.I10
itItaly 40ITALY40.I10
nlNetherlands 25NETH25.I10
esSpain 35SPAIN35.I20
se Sweden 30SWE30.I100
swSwitzerland 20SWISS20.I10
ukUK 100UK100.I20
AUSAustralia 200AUS200.I10
jpJapan 225JP225.I1,000
hkHong KongHK50.I25
​  * Fixed spreads only apply under normal market conditions and up to the indicated trade amount ​  ​ 

Minimum Spreads on CFDs can be found under Trading Conditions in the trading platforms:

  • In SaxoTrader: Account > Trading Conditions > CFD Stock/Index Instrument List
  • In SaxoTraderGO: Account > Trading Conditions > Search for CFD index