Title: Online bond trading
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Saxo Capital Markets is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first truly online bond trading solution, initially offer trading in over 5,000 investment-grade, high-yield corporate and government bonds from around the world in 20 currencies.

Saxo is combining its technology and relationships with 40 of the largest liquidity providers in the bond markets to offer transparent, cheaper and more efficient access to fixed income trading products. The move is set to revolutionize bond trading – a process which is currently only available on a slow, inefficient manual “request-for-quote” basis and only through very few banks. Saxo’s online bond solution allows clients to fully explore the liquidity and range of prices available in the marketplace.


Commenting on the launch Kim Fournais CEO and co-founder of Saxo Bank Group:

“It is hard to imagine a market that is riper for disruption than the bond market. Watching bond traders trade over the phone, in these days when the internet has touched almost every other area of the financial markets, not to mention our lives, is a clear call for disruption. Investors need to ask themselves do they want to continue to trade based on an indicative price from a single bank or do they want to get the best price available from more than 40 global bonds providers, including some of the largest global banks. The answer we think is very clear”

“Enabling clients to trade bonds much more efficiently is an extension of our mission and history of democratizing trading and investing, levelling the playing field between institutions and retail investors when it comes to access to financial markets“

Online bond trading will be rolled out from October to November 2016 across different regions on the SaxoTraderGO platform - bond positions can be viewed through the SaxoTrader platform.