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Title: New PDF Portfolio Reports in SaxoTraderGO
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Our new PDF Portfolio Reports allow clients to download a consolidated report of a portfolio’s performance for a specific period.



To generate a PDF Portfolio Report

The PDF Portfolio Report can be generated under Accounts > Reports in SaxoTraderGO.


To generate a report:

1. Select an account (or all accounts).
2. Specify a date range.
3. When the report has been generated, click the download button to download the PDF.

Period Value Change Summary (Front page)

The Period Value Change Summary shows the account value movement for the period.

The summary itemises account value changes for each product type held during the period (CFDs, stocks etc.) and bookings not associated with a specific product (cash transfers, interest, subscription fees etc.).


Table of contents

The table of contents links give easy access to the different sections in the report.


Account Value chart

The Account Value chart shows changes in the account value over the selection for the period.

Monthly Profit

The Monthly Profit table shows the profit/loss per month since the account was opened

Total Return (%)

The Total Return (%) chart shows the evolution in the time weighted return for the period.

Monthly Return (%)

The Monthly Profit table shows the monthly return percentage for each month since the account was opened.

Period Overview by product

The Period Overview shows the value change in the period per product type. This allows the client to see what part of their account value evolution came from what asset class.

Period Overview by instrument

The Period Overview shows the value change in the period per instrument and booking type. This allows the client to see what part of their account value evolution came from individual assets and bookings.

Exposure by product

Exposure shows the allocation at the end of the reporting period for each asset class.

Open Positions

Open Positions shows the open positions at the end of the reporting period.

The Net Exposure column shows the exposure for each asset in the client/account currency.

The Exposure Percentage shows the exposure as a percentage of the client’s account value. This number can sum to more than 100% in case of margin instruments.

Booked Amounts

The Booked Amounts overview shows the sum of each booking type in the period, detailing all costs, gains and corporate actions summed by type, showing, for example, how much was incurred in commissions for the period, or how much was received in dividends.

Account Statement

The account statement mirrors the statement available in SaxoTraderGO. It details all items affecting cash balances for each account together with the corresponding cash balance after the transaction.

Trades Executed

Trades Executed shows all trades that were done in the period.



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