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Title: Online bond trading now available
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​Saxo is pleased to announce that our online bond trading solution is now available, offering over 5,000 investment-grade, high-yield corporate and government bonds from around the globe in 20 currencies.

We have combined our technology and relationships with 40 of the largest liquidity providers in the bond markets to offer a transparent, more efficient and less costly solution for trading fixed income products. Unlike the slow manual process of trading bonds on a “request for quote” basis, our online solution allows traders to fully explore the liquidity and range of prices available in the marketplace.


To enable Bonds on the platform

Bonds are tradable through the SaxoTraderGO platform and can be enabled under Settings > Trading products.


Introductory commissions on Bond trading

As an introductory offer, bond trading is currently available on a low 0.08% commission. From January 2017, the commission will increase to 0.2% for both online and offline-traded Bonds.

Marketing material

By mid-November a generic Bonds campaign with creative material will be available on the Institutional Marketing Portal. The campaign is easily customizable or can be used as inspiration.



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